Larisa is a  noted Vedic Medical Astrologer. This website is the direct response to the countless requests from her international and celebrity clientele.

A nationally recognized Naturopathic Diplomat, Larisa is a dynamic guest lecturer, author, television and radio personality, gifted medical intuitive and compassionate patient advocate.

"Planetary – Practical Astrology & Beyond”
is based Larisa’s philosophy that the careful, 
practical use of  astrology can be an invaluable 
tool to help us navigate through life’s  storms - 
influenced by the planets.  Use of these profound 
insights can facilitate the overcoming  of 
challenges, internally and externally,  by providing 
a personal celestial compass.

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Practical Astrology & Beyond
L.N. Gruer, M.A., HHP

“Jyotisha”, called Vedic astrology in Western countries, refers to Indian or Hindu astrology. Its 
origin is from the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of the Hindus and is the science of understanding the 
subtle influences that come to us from the greater universe. Using Vedic Astrology, Dr. Larisa has proven over and over again, that she can predict future events very accurately. 

Her credo – Information is free, confidential                             insights are priceless!”
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Dr. Larisa on the "Dare To Dream" Radio Show with Deborah Dachinger.
Larisa on the 
"Dare To Dream" Radio Show
with Deborah Dachinger. 
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in the Media
Dr. Larisa was interviewed on the Magnificient Menopause Radio Show where she discussed Ayurvedic Medicine, its Principles and Many Benefits During Menopause. 
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Watch a Larisa Speech on 
Ayurvedic Medicine:
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Have some fun. Watch Larisa compete in Pro-Am Ballroon Dancing!
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