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The Myth

In Greco-Roman mythology, Hades/Pluto was one of the ancient agricultural gods, the powerful and ruthless ruler of the Underworld. Greatly feared by all, Pluto never allowed any living creature to escape Hades, his kingdom of the dead, which lay beyond the stagnant Dead River, Styx. Terrified, mortals didn’t dare to even mention his name. Son of Cronus  the Titan and eldest brother of Zeus/Jupiter, Pluto was the lucky recipient of the invisible helmet and thus could attack his enemies at will. Of course, he could and did use the magical helmet for “other” more lascivious purposes.

Often melancholy and lonely, Pluto was more than glad to make room for more unfortunate souls. That is why the ancients called him “The Hospitable One.” All of the Earth’s underground treasures and jewels belonged to him and him alone. If the soul of the deceased had the fare to be ferried across the River Styx where he would be transported by Charon, the demon-ferryman. If not, the poor unfortunate had to wonder in cold and darkness until he’d find the pauper’s entrance. That is why the ancients put coins under the tongues of their departed loved ones so as to assure a comfortable final journey. There, in a dark opulence the Lord of the Underworld sits on a jeweled throne with his beautiful wife Persephone at his side. Never a popular or charming lover, like Zeus or Apollo, Pluto had to kidnap his beloved ice Queen who, despite all his riches abhorred his joyless palace. 

Persephone grew up on Olympus as the most treasured daughter of the golden-haired Demeter, the Goddess of the Harvest. A lovely and graceful dancer who made flowers bloom wherever she stepped, Persephone was never far away from her mother, who couldn’t tolerate being parted from her. When, the hardhearted Pluto saw the laughing girl, he fell madly in love. Knowing that Demeter would never consent to give Persephone’s hand in marriage, he dragged the weeping girl down, down, to his shadowy home filled with treasures, but void of sunshine and color. As Persephone walked silently at his side through the Garden of Weeping Willows, her poor broken heart turned to ice. Above, in the upper world, the grieving Demeter frantically searched for her child. In her despair she cursed nature and wouldn’t allow anything to grow until she found Persephone. As people and animals starved, and the fertile ground turned to dust, the gods begged now gray-haired and aged Demeter to once again bless the Earth with her bounty. When this mother-goddess finally learned of Pluto’s treachery, she turned to Zeus for justice, threatening eternal winter and famine. Pluto, although broken hearted too, had no choice but to submit to the will of the King of the Gods and sent his wife back to her mother. Unfortunately, Persephone in her excitement of being liberated made a fatal mistake and tasted a few pomegranate seeds, the “food” of the dead. Now, she had to return to her husband, at least for a few months each year. And so, each time, Persephone returns to her dark lord, winter reigns above. But the moment mother and daughter are reunited, spring comes and the earth bursts into flowers!


Pluto is the farthest away and smallest planet in our solar system, located 39 times farther from the Sun than is Earth. It’s smaller than our own Moon. On Pluto, the Sun looks like a tiny dot in its eternally black sky. Actually, due to its non-circular orbit, its distance from the Sun ranges from 2.8 - 4.6 billion miles. 

There’s a large school of thought in the scientific community that doesn’t consider Pluto a planet, but an asteroid or a TNO (Trans Neptunian Object). Other astronomers argue that Pluto is a planet, although an unusual one. 

This eccentric celestial body rotates about its axis in the opposite direction from most of the other planets. Its orbit is tilted on a 17.15 angle, the largest of any other planet. In fact, between January 1979 and February 11, 1999, Pluto was closer to the Sun than Neptune. Currently and until September 2226, Pluto travels outside the orbit of Neptune.

First named planet “X” by Percival Lowell in 1916, whose mathematical calculations noted a possibility of a planetary body disturbing the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. Pluto’s location was confirmed in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh, curiously at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. Actually, the planet “X” was named Pluto by an 11 year-old English girl, a daughter of a prominent Oxford librarian.

Pluto’s diameter is approximately 1/5 of the Earth and its mass is 1/500th of our mass. The gravity on Pluto is only 8 percent of the Earth’s. On Pluto, a 100 pound earthling would weigh only 8 pounds. It takes Pluto 247.7 Earth years to orbit the Sun only once because each Pluto day takes 6.39 Earth’s days.

The average temperature is –393 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists are not sure about Pluto’s composition, but suspect the presence of methane ice, frozen nitrogen and carbon dioxide. In short, Pluto is a one cold gassy rock. Its atmosphere is also unknown, definitely not breathable and unable to sustain life. The atmosphere forms when Pluto travels closer to the Sun and its frozen methane is vaporized by the solar heat. Once Pluto moves further away, the methane freezes again.

Pluto’s one companion, the moon Chiron (named after the ferryman) is almost as big as Pluto itself and is in a synchronous orbit around the planet. In other words, we can find it in the same spot. Discovered fairly recently, only in 1978, Chiron may be covered by water with no atmosphere at all. Pluto has not yet been visited by any spacecraft and appears very blurry even when photographed from the powerful Hubble Space Telescope.

Western Astrology


Pluto represents death and re-birth, psychological transformation, the underworld, mysteries, dark secrets and extreme behaviors, upheavals or drastic change.

Ruler ships

According to the Modern system of ruler ship, Pluto rules the last Water sign, Scorpio and is associated with reproductive organs, the gonads, the prostate, the excretory system, nuclear energy, organized crime, detectives, revolutionaries, anarchists, terrorism, and laser technology. In esoteric astrology, Pluto signifies the point of reincarnation in the Natal chart.


Pluto is an outer planet with a most eccentric orbit. Therefore its magnetic influences vary tremendously according to the individual’s psychological attitude towards the following issues: personal willpower, control, the need for or rejection of spiritual purpose, and predisposition towards psychological disturbances, particularly any obsessive-compulsive disorders, including sex.

On the positive side, Pluto influences our research abilities, an unmanning intuition involving “digging” deep into others’ subconscious, as well as a natural affinity for strong emotional involvement with one’s career. A Native with a prominent Pluto, lets’ say, a stellar 8th House or Scorpio Ascendant, Moon or Mars, can become a vicious criminal or a brilliant detective, researcher, or a mystery writer.


Some astrologers consider Pluto’s transits to the Natal or Progressed planets most challenging or even frightening, associating these transits with the myth of Pluto or Shiva, the Hindu God of creation and destruction. In fact, you’d be absolutely scared witless if you’d read some of these astrological predictions. Usually it goes something like this: “Any time that Pluto transits a planet or a house, prepare for upheaval, power struggles, radical transformation, wide-scale destruction and death.” Personally, years ago, I was given the following advice during one consultation: “Pluto’s change is inevitable and can’t be prevented. So, just let go and these changes won’t be so painful.” Never one to swallow such negative advice, nor being a great lover of change for change’s sake, I refused and worked out the problems. Lo and behold, those predictions were simply wrong.

Other schools, including many Vedic Astrologers, do not consider Pluto at all, judging it to be a small icy rock in space incapable of any significant magnetic influence on our world (A few “modern” Vedic astrologers do use Pluto’s transits in their forecasts.) 

And yet, when Pluto transited my Natal Saturn during the Saturn Dasha/Rahu Bukhti, I did lose my father. In a sense, in my own, 15 years of practical experience, I’ve noted certain of Pluto’s transits to be subtle, perhaps unperceivable if not supported by other more powerful transits from the personal planets, such as Saturn or Mars or depending on the ease or difficulties of Vedic planetary periods, i.e. Dasha and Bukhti.

In any case, I note the following transits: Pluto/Sun, Pluto/Moon, Pluto and the angles. The angles are the Ascendant (self and body), IC (mother/home), Descendant (marriage, partnerships, open enemies) and MC (career). I also note Saturn and Mars aspects to make a correct prediction without setting off unnecessary alarms.


Pluto, just like the other two Trans-Saturnian planets, Uranus and Neptune, retrogrades almost half of our year. In other words, in any given year up to ½ of all newborns will be born under a Pluto retrograde. Logic dictates that the most important aspect to look at therefore, should be the retrograding Pluto’s relation with the Natal Sun. I’d say, any contact between our personal Sun and the collective Pluto often shows in “generational” matters: at its darkest - a certain collective psychosis, obsessions, pre-occupation with sex, death and or violence such as terrorism or organized crime. 

On the positive side, we can see the formation of a revolutionary spirit and a willingness to dig deep in order to transform self, society and the collective consciousness. In cases, where we see no contact, an individual, as a representative of his generation, can’t deal with the issues of death at all. There are some generations who simply do not believe the rules of life and death apply to them personally. Certainly, the Pluto in Leo “boomers” cause them to be shocked upon finally realizing that they will in fact age, decay and eventually die. In fact, they pride themselves by being free of “morbid” thoughts and simply refuse to even think about the end. There’s a large group who pioneered “grief” support groups, clearly unable to cope with loosing loved ones in a more traditional manner. Hence, the obsession with keeping one’s “youth.” As if death discriminates between those with wrinkles and those without. I’ve also seen another stressful manifestation of a Progressed Sun making an aspect to retrograding Pluto that signals an onset of a severe mental break. This break can involve OCD’s, schizophrenia, paranoid delusion or the claiming to be “possessed” by demons. Usually, these seeds of trouble are there to begin with, but seem to be triggered by the transits. An example would involve a well-respected police detective, who while working vice becomes obsessed with the S&M world, or a “fantasy/horror” writer who looses her grip on reality just as her progressed Pluto stations direct and makes contact with the Natal Moon or Venus. Another example is our mass media that seems to reflect this generational obsession with typical plutonian themes, such as the TV shows that dominate American airways; CSIs, Bones, Without a Trace, Medium, the Sopranos, The Ghost Whisperer, Six Feet Under. This is not to even mention the accessibility, even acceptance of Internet pornography as well as many abhorrent types of sexual behavior.

In the end, I suspect that is why the country’s and world’s Fundamentalists have a violently negative reaction to our Western “let it all hang out” pop culture - that so many perceive to be a direct assault on more traditional cultural values. As this unspoken social contract tends to keep “certain” subjects related to mental illness, demonic possessions, sex and violence hidden in the dark underworld of the collective consciousness, bringing them to light is simply terrifying. No wonder, Pluto is considered to be a thoroughly “modern” planet.



The Vedic Myth

The story of the Love planet, Venus (or Vedic lore, Sukra) goes back to pre-Aryan times. Sukra was a son of the all-powerful Water deity Bhava and the lovely, self-sacrificing goddess Uma. Where Bhava represents the very nature of life (no life can exist without the water element), Uma embodies the self-sacrifice of love (no love can exist without suffering). Therefore, their son Sukra (Venus) became the keeper of the seed (sex) and a cosmic protector (material resources) of our world. 

Sukra despised the wise Dwarf, teacher of the gods, Jupiter and felt superior because he knew how to revive the dead. To annoy the Old Dwarf, Sukra agreed to be the instructor of the Genii, supernatural beings that dwell among us, but still enjoy heavenly pleasures. Genii are considered to be “inferior” creatures because they are over-sensual and proud. Full of mischief, they can also be cruel. By the way, these pleasure-seeking troublemakers pre-date the Hindu gods by centuries. 

Sukra was very wise and is credited with the invention of political science, diplomacy and the code of conduct. Unfortunately, he angered the all-powerful Vishnu (the god of knowledge and cosmic law) by obstructing the giving of charity and thus lost the sight in one of his eyes. Don’t they say that love is blind?


Venus, the second planet from the Sun is the hottest planet in our Solar System. Venus is located 67, 230,000 miles from the Sun and has an almost circular orbit. Covered with fast-moving sulphuric acid clouds, its poisonous atmosphere is made of carbon dioxide. Venus can never sustain life due to its extreme heat and crushing atmospheric pressure. The temperature on Venus hovers around an astonishing 870 degrees Fahrenheit.

Venus can be seen with the naked eye, ether at dawn or at dusk, spinning closer to the Sun than the Earth. Venus was the main planetary deity of Egypt and pre-Colombian Mexico. In fact, their calendars were based on Venus’s astronomical cycles. 

Venus’s size and mass is the closest to our own. A 100-pound earthling would weigh 91 pounds on Venus. Venus has a very unusual and slow orbital rotation, thus a single day on Venus takes 243 Earth days. If you stand on its surface, our Sun would rise in the West and set in the East.


Venus represents human desires and aesthetic tastes, the feminine principle, the arts, fashion, and all creative expression. Venus teaches us about gentleness, sensitivity, and love in its highest form. On the shadow side, Venus signifies seeking material possessions, excessive sexual and sensuous pleasures, self-indulgence, laziness, vanity, and superficiality. In fact, we can say, the worst qualities of our modern culture, i.e. pre-occupation with sex, the cult of the “perfect” celebrity and the thirst for material possessions are expressed by the afflictions of Venus. 

The Venus individual will always seek beauty, even for beauty’s sake alone. This eternal seduction is impossible to ignore, however if we live our lives for pleasure alone we may never reach a state of contentment, for there will always be something else more beautiful and desirable that we seek.

A Venusian’s chart often shows much concern with relationships and love, tact, friendliness and social graces. Whereas on the lower level, Venus is most associated with the practice of sexual Tantra (Hindu texts and religious practices), on its highest, astral plane, the planet of Love leads us to the spiritual practice of the devotional Tantra. Remember the myth? Venus’s mother Uma is the goddess of self-sacrifice. Venus’s primal quality is Rajas, the actions related to attaining Artha (Wealth).  


Venus rules the first Earth sign, Taurus, and the second Air sign, Libra.
Venus is associated with eyes, neck, ear, throat, parathyroid, reproductive system (ovaries), kidneys, urinary track and the lumbar region. Venus rules the following Nakshatras (Lunar constellations): Aries Bharani, Leo Purva Phalguni, and Sagittarius Purva Ashadha.

Venus’s day is Friday (considered very auspicious for marriage ceremonies). His color is “multi-colored,” and his gemstones are diamond and zircon. Lakshmi, the goddess of Prosperity is often associated with Venus. Venus is considered to be a malefic influence for the following Vedic Ascendant signs: Aries, Cancer, Leo, ScorpioSagittarius, and Pisces.  


Venus influences our choice and type of relationships. For men, it is the main signifier of the wife. In Ayurvedic medicine, Venus represents the physical state of Vata and Kapha and therefore strongly influences one’s weight. Venus rules the following careers: artist, musician, dancer, actor, poet, fiction writer, marriage counselor, lawyer, diplomat, money manager, beauty consultant, baker of sweets, fabric merchant, perfumer, precious metals broker, jeweler, florist, fashion designer, luxury car sales, hostess, and all sex trade workers.

Permanent Planetary Relationships

Venus is a friend to Mercury and Saturn. He is an enemy to the Sun and Moon and is neutral to Mars and Jupiter. Venus is exalted (highest and strongest manifestation) in 27 degree Pisces and functions well when located between the 00 - 15 degrees of Libra. The sign of his debilitation is Virgo; however this difficulty may be cancelled out by special technical considerations.

Venus Retrograde

A retrograding Natal Venus can indicate persons whose interests in the matters of love are, should we say, “unusual.” These folks simply don’t fit the social mold. The traditional and social aspects of marriage do not appeal to Venus retrogrades. Some may avoid sex altogether, while others become obsessed with the pleasure principle - in other words a “love junky.” When a person’s Venus retrograde conjuncts Rahu or Ketu, he/she is prone to be sexually perverse. If this configuration happens to occur in the 5th House, one may be sexually attracted to children (this is a very dangerous placement and should be analyzed carefully.)

In other cases, a “hopeless romantic” overidealises love, so no one can meet his or her unrealistic expectations. Unfortunately, this person ends up feeling unloved or even worse, being unlovable. In a chart where we see a predisposition toward the spiritual life, the Venus retrograde person turns to God and religion to fulfill the basic human need to be accepted and loved. In the worse cases, one may experience trauma and despair in love relationships. Even in the best chart, one simply doesn’t make a very desirable marriage partner, especially if it’s a male. Another common aspect of this particular placement is a natural preference for their own sex, whether through platonic friendships or through same-sex intimacy. Of course, much depends on the sign and the house placement of Venus, but in general this retrograde brings on challenging situations.

A Venus retrograde transit puts a great deal of stress on one’s love life. Any relationship began on a retrograde should be looked at closely. Marriage ceremonies or engagements should be avoided.


The Vedic Myth

In the Age before Man, the Moon god Soma, angered by his arranged marriage to the 27 daughters of Brahma (the Ultimate being), turned conceited and immoral. He kidnapped and ravished the Star, Tara who was a beloved wife of the great Dwarf teacher of the gods, Jupiter (Brhaspati). Soma angered most of the gods by refusing to send Tara back to her husband and a great cosmic battle ensued. Eventually, Soma was forced to send Tara back, but she bore the illegitimate child of her kidnapper. That child became known as Mercury (Budha), the Messenger and was raised by his wise stepfather, Jupiter.


Mercury, the closest planet to our Sun, is a small, fast moving, rocky celestial body without much atmosphere. Its entire year lasts 88 days. Because of its proximity to the Sun, we can only see Mercury near sunrise or sunset. Mercury’s surface is heavily cratered and very similar to the Moon. Remember, the Myth of Mercury’s Birth? Mercury is about 4,878 km in diameter. That is about 3,031 miles. Mercury’s gravity is 38 percent of the Earth’s. So, a 200-pound earthling would weigh 76 pounds on Mercury. Mercury has no seasons due to its rotational axis being perpendicular (not tilted) to its motion. Its daily surface temperature ranges from –270 degrees F to +800F (that could explain why we call someone very moody or fickle, Mercurial.)
If you stood on Mercury’s surface, our Sun would appear 3 times larger than from here, on the Blue Planet.


Mercury represents communication, travel, trade, and commerce. As Mercury represents the intellectual or conscious mind, he governs writing, education, mathematics, and general analytical abilities. It is an indicator of one’s intelligence in the Natal Chart. Mercury is the most significant modern planet because it is connected with mass media devices such as the phone, radio, television, and computers.

Mercury is considered a General Benefic, and represents a mutable earth element in the chart. Mutable people are talkative, flexible and are adaptable. They like to think and calculate, but are prone to worry and anxiety. Mutable individuals need to cultivate consistency, peaceful thinking, initiative, and willingness to act. Mercury’s primal quality is Rajas. Rajas’ active energy forces us to seek achievement and worldly success. An imbalance of Rajas can create aggression and competition, disturb the mind, and bring out turbulence. 


Mercury rules the first Air sign, Gemini, and the second Earth sign, Virgo. Mercury is associated with lungs, nervous system, and solar plexus. Mercury rules the following Nakshatras (27 Lunar daughters): Cancer Aslesha and Scorpio Jyeshta. Mercury’s day is Wednesday, his color is green, and his gemstones are emerald, tourmaline, and jade. Mercury is considered to be a malefic influence for the following Ascending signs: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Pisces.


Mercury plays a large role in breaking down communication barriers between people. He also determines what we do in life, our vocational predispositions, how we make money and how we keep what we earn. Mercury influences our desire for education and career training. Careers associated with Mercury include: mass media and entertainment, computer programming, writing, sales and advertising, banking, accounting, journalism, travel, bio-medical research, critics, publishing, teaching, library science, psychotherapy, publicity, and professional astrology. 

Good Mercury gifts us with a sense of humor, strong intelligence, mental sharpness, and a balanced mind. In a higher sense, Mercury represents “the perfect” mind, or Budha, “the state of cosmic awakening.” Under affliction, Mercury can harm our speech, bring about nervous disorders, make one a charlatan or even take away intelligence. In some cases, a person simply is unable to communicate his or her thinking processes.

Permanent Planetary Relationships

Mercury is a friend to the Sun and Venus. He is neutral to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and is a bitter enemy of the Moon. Remember the Myth? Mercury is exalted (highest and strongest positive manifestation) in 15 degree Virgo. Mercury also functions extremely well in 16-20 degree Virgo, but is weakened in its opposite sign of Pisces.


When Mercury retrogrades, it causes problems in the fields associated with communications, travel, computers, high-tech devices, and calculations. Mistakes are often made due to a lack of focusing on details. Thus, activities related to signing important papers or documents are not recommended during Mercury retrograding cycles. Mercury moves out of phase three times a year for about three weeks.

If you are a strong Mercurial type, you should always mark this period on your calendar. When Mercury retrogrades in the Natal Chart, a person “thinks in reverse.” Right-brain, non-linear intuitive processes are likely. They are not necessarily wrong, however and can make excellent business people, but have trouble communicating how exactly they’ve come to their conclusions. A harmonious relationship, whether at work or in one’s personal life, between Retrograding and Direct types is difficult at best. Mercury retrograde is most beneficial for a man, as most males are the left-brain, linear thinkers and can bring an uncanny intuition to business matters. Of course, much depends on the sign and house position of the Natal or Progressed Mercury.



MESHA: Moon in Aries Enflames Emotions. Ruling planet—Mars. Pitta Constitution. Traditional physical characteristics: round eyes, middle stature, ruddy complexion, strong brows, triangle-shaped face.

Living in the Light: spontaneous, fun-loving, decisive, youthful, idealistic, admired, strong immune system, passionate, colorful character, well-traveled, adventurous, explorer.

Under affliction: user, arrogant, fickle, haughty, restless, lacks integrity in sexual matters, calculating, and risk taker. Health problems related to cuts, bruises and burns, accident-prone, headaches.

VRISHABHA: Moon in Taurus Steadies Emotions. Exalted at 3 degree. Moolatrikona. Ruling planet-Venus. Kapha Constitution. Traditional physical characteristics: beautiful broad face, marks or moles, clear complexion, solid and muscular.

Living in the Light: Fulfilled, much loved, modest, generous, imaginative, support all, grateful, wealth acquisition, gourmand, sensual, practical and patient. Fame and fortune. Beautiful progeny.

Under affliction: lazy, pathetic, stubborn, possessive, and attached. Health problems related to throat, thyroid disease, stout, pear-shaped body. 

MITHUNA: Moon in Gemini Quickens the Mind.  Ruling Planet—Mercury. Vata Constitution. Traditional physical characteristics: tall and lean, good hair, graceful hands, aristocratic nose.

Living in the Light: intelligent, educated, creative, organized, gifted with written and spoken word, youthful. 

Under affliction: confused, chatty, too-clever, emotionally nervous, undependable, vain, poor domestic partner. Health problems include lung ailments, shoulder, neck and hand pain.

KARKATA: Moon in Cancer Overflows Emotions. Ruling planet—Moon.  Kapha Constitution. Traditional physical characteristics: short, fleshy, large upper body and round stomach, pale complexion.

Living in the Light: highly intuitive, sensitive, kind, responsible, loving, mothering, nurturing, psychic, altruistic, comfortable with change, artistic, wise, an old soul.

Under affliction: smothering, submissive, martyr, moody, uncontrolled emotions, anxiety disorders. Health problems include stomach disorders, digestion, anemia, obesity, water retention, infertility, hypochondria.

SIMHA: Moon in Leo Dignifies Emotions. Ruling planet—Sun. Pitta constitution.
Traditional physical characteristics: broad shoulders, tall, well-built, muscular, large cheeks.

Living in the Light: proud, generous, obedient to mother, affectionate, ambitious, inspiring, extrovert, trustworthy, nature loving.

Under affliction: selfish, attention seeker, arrogant, fickle, father/authority issues, defensive, and social climber, authoritarian. Health problems include inflammatory diseases of stomach or colon, fevers, rashes, circulatory diseases, heart ailments, eye troubles.

KANYA : Moon in Virgo  expands Creative Mind. Ruling planet—Mercury. Vata Constitution. Traditional physical characteristics: round shoulders, tall and slender, shrill voice, beautiful eyes.

Living in the Light: refined, honest, discriminating, modest, practical, analytical, intuitive, astrologer, sharp memory, hard worker, healing ability, philosophical, intellectual, witty, and ageless.

Under Affliction: over-thinking, nervous disorders, depressed, critical, perfectionist, unhappy, difficulty-making commitment to marriage, cold, victimized. Health problems include, colon, irritable bowl with constipation, mental illness.

TULA: Moon in Libra Beatifies Emotions. Ruling planet—Venus. Vata Constitution. Traditional physical characteristics: lean body, delicate features, well-dressed, beautiful smile.

Living in the Light: diplomatic, persuasive, gentle, gracious, balanced thinking, multitasking, refined tastes, appealing, wealthy, life of luxury and leisure, lover of religious people, support for religious institutions. Beautiful progeny.

Under affliction: indecisive, manipulative, conflict avoidance, hypersensitive to criticism, addictions, lacks direction/ambition, mental or emotional imbalance, indiscriminate in romantic partners, dependant and co-dependant, delicate constitution. Health problems include kidney ailments, back problems, migraines, 

VRISCHIKA: Moon in Scorpio Mystifies Emotions. Debilitated at 3 degree. 
Ruling Planet—Mars. Pitta Constitution. Traditional physical appearance: wide set eyes, well built, muscular, above average height, long hands.

Living in the Light: talented, smart, purposeful, self-motivated, strong, open minded, advisor, and guide, revolutionary.

Under affliction: over sexual, unforgiving, self-isolating, lonely, fearful, disappointments, loss of wealth, mental uneasiness, marital difficulties, raging temper, attraction to the bizarre and the illegal. Health problems involve reproductive ailments and elimination.

DHANU: Moon In Sagittarius Expands Idealistic Emotions. Ruled by Jupiter. Kapha-Pitta Constitution. Traditional physical characteristics: long face, long neck, large ears, bright eyes, short, but graceful, good complexion.

Living in the Light: positive, energetic, grateful, determined, noble intentions, independent, counselor, and humanitarian, love of travel, philosophy and religion.

Under affliction: argumentative, lack of diplomacy, self-indulgent, rebellious, changeable, unreliable worker. Health problems include, hip and upper legs, lungs, fat, bloating.

MAKARA: Moon in Capricorn Controls Emotions. Ruled by Saturn. Vata constitution. Vata Constitution. Traditional physical characteristics: tall, slender, frail, thin face, deep eyes, wrinkles.

Living in the Light: devoted, dutiful, loyal, dependable, security oriented, traditionalist, business oriented, loves the outdoors, life improves as one ages.

Under affliction: cold, self-serving, merciless, unforgiving, depressed, sexual problems, wrong choice of marriage partner, stubborn, insecure. Health problems involve joint pain, fybromialgia, hormone imbalances, blood disorders, and dementia.

KUMBHA: Moon in Aquarius Restricts  Emotions. Ruled by Saturn. Vata constitution. Traditional physical characteristics: tall and large, oval face, bad teeth.

Living in the Light: intuitive, solitary, inventive, pursues dreams, detail oriented, visionary, idealistic, humanitarian, mystical, accepts aging well, modest, guarded, attractive progeny.

Under affliction: reluctant, depressed, loner, paranoid, dislikes authority, self-doubt, odd, naïve. Health problems include heart disease, blood disorders, lower leg problems, nervous ailments, weak vision, exotic diseases, and difficulties with correct diagnosis.

MEENA: Moon in Pisces Overflows Emotions. Ruled by Jupiter, Kapha constitution. Traditional physical characteristics: shining eyes, well-proportioned body, muscular shoulders, and beautiful hair.

Living in the Light: deep feelings, spiritual empathy, devoted to spouse, genuine, kind, decent, loving, romantic, believer, missionary, devoted friend.

Under affliction: subservient, doubtful, lazy, gullible, easily deceived and taken advantage off, financially unstable and irresponsible, impulsive, tearful, betrayed. Health problems include infertility, sterility, intestinal disorders, excessive thirst, weight gain, phlegmatic, upper-respiratory problems, and swollen ankles.

2017 Vedic Predictions for all 
12 Ascendant/Moon Signs


2017 could bring in a few surprises to the Mars ruled Ram when your luck is enhanced. You can expect a good deal of movement, including travel. Business related travel could be expected from January 2017 onward. The period between March and April 2017 could see a rise in expenses, so be more careful with large purchases or extravagances. Those of you waiting to get married can expect engagements and/or auspicious celebrations. From September on also bodes well for marriage prospects when Jupiter enters the 7th house, as it moves into Libra.

Because Rahu is travelling in your 4th House, you should remain cautious and stay calm. Home matters, domestic issues and controversies with your spouse could turn out to be causes of difficulties. Moving or relocating can bring many changes and new developments in your personal life. Take care of your chest and digestion.


2017 will be a good year for the Venus-ruled Bull; however, you could see some hurdles at work. New avenues of opportunities in your career will open up but things won't just happen, you’ll have to persevere and be patient. Act with confidence and embrace your own opinions. Planets are transiting in your harmonious zones, which will lead to happiness, especially in the 5th House, i.e., involving kids. Your creative spark will bring you joy. Be creative and make new friends. Some health issues could crop up to make things difficult, but you should be able to recover. The second half of the year seems much more promising in terms of your career and profession. You may get a promotion or expand your business. You could also expect financial gains during this period. Romantic life improves also. Overall, this is the year to get going and make the most of the most favorable circumstances.


Your mind could be overworking in 2017 and while business and career matters are important, you will have to focus on reaching a life of balance. If you’ve been putting in lots of effort without much success, you will see better results from the mid part of the year. Income will improve then. Use your energy wisely, be patient and avoid speculation. Both Real estate and traditional investments are fine, but control your spending. Take care of your mother if you have one. Family life is excellent and your happiness will increase because of your children. Take care of your mother and/or spouse’s health. If you can afford to buy luxury items, go right ahead. Avoid unnecessary arguments and plan special trips with your mate. New love may be in the cards for 2017 and you can even propose marriage.

Be careful with spoiled food and take time to rest. Pay attention to your skin and don’t speed while driving. 


With transits moving against you, take your time and have patience in the beginning of the year. Despite efforts, you won’t see results until the second part of the year. Don’t push in April and maintain good relationships with your superiors at work. I also recommend not changing jobs unless you are truly frustrated. Luck will be with you later on. In fact, you may do so well; you may even face jealousies from co-workers or so-called friends. Keep your plans to yourself. Invest cautiously. Your income will be stable. In fact, you may even earn extra money by focusing on creating new sources of income. Control spending and avoid lending to anyone, including family. Time is good for increased profits, savings and paying off debts, but not for risky investments or gambling. Cancer natives will enjoy a happy and supportive family life in 2017. You can buy something important for your home. You may also buy a new car. Some auspicious events will take place at your home. Travel with family, make friends and be supportive and helpful with your mate.

Love matters are very favorable also, unless you overwork and neglect your heart. If you are single, go out and meet new people, especially if you start your relationship as friends first. Your health should be just fine as long as you increase your exercise. If you are stressed at work, make sure to visit nature, play with animals and avoid rushing about at work.

Here’s some good news for the Sun-ruled Leo: 2017 will bring much improvement to your finances. Your hard work and new projects will reach the right audience and your self-esteem will rise. Due to such success, your overall attitude will improve as you feel productive and respected. Do pay attention to your rivals. If you work in real estate, be cautious or face losses.
Family finances improve to the point that you should take some time off to play. On the negative side, please avoid petty arguments with your spouse or face unnecessary stress. Watch your words and your ego! Take care of your children’s health and look to older or wiser advisors for help.

Singles will enjoy a better love life. You can even meet someone new who becomes very important for your future. Don’t ignore your spouse, even when you’re busy at work.

Health matters move up as your mental state improves. Make sure to stay fit. Be careful with your immune system and seasonal allergies, colds and flues.


Make 2017 a year where you look at financial matters in a logical and practical light. Don’t allow your spending to outperform your income. Now, that doesn’t mean that your income will go down. In fact, everything is nice and stable; just the flow of money is slower than you’d like. Budget carefully and don’t waste money on useless items.

If you are interested in getting more education, you’ll have to focus and work very hard. Pay attention to your family, especially if you’re prone to be too critical. Watch what you say and how you say it. Older members or your father’s health may cause you some stress. If you feel confused, clear your mind and ignore the thoughts that can lead you astray. Listen to your intuition regarding some people who do not have your best interests at heart. Love life is positive as long as you spend sweet moments with each other and be even handed. Stop blaming your spouse for your mistakes.

Be careful with long lingering health problems and seasonal diseases. If you do not sleep well, you may suffer from injuries. Go to bed early and get up early. Above all, control anger, practice yoga, meditate, don’t speed and take plenty of vacations, even if it’s just for a few days.


The most positive aspects for 2017 will involve your finances and while money can’t buy happiness, it can make life easier and freer. If you’ve been expecting an inheritance, this may be the right year. New investments will be successful also, if you get the right advice. Don’t rush, everything is fine.

Do not trust strangers or even family members who do not have your best interests at heart. Avoid unnecessary loans and spending money on frivolities. 

You may have some worries regarding the health of some family members or you may not be getting along. Big disagreements are possible. Stay quiet and drive carefully to avoid injuries. Take care of your father’s health and be cordial with your mother. The second part of the year will be better.

Take care of your reputation and protect your position from rivals; although, they may have picked on the wrong person. Try to maintain balance and gentle communications with your loved ones. Travel prospects are excellent.

Do not overwork or you will suffer from fatigue. Take care of seasonal diseases and if you have to lose weight, do it sooner rather than later. Yoga and meditation are highly beneficial in 2017.


New sources of income will lighten your mood, but you’ll have to work hard and save more than you spend. Your energy is excellent in 2017 and you are popular with your superiors. Small business people do very well.

Married Scorpios who have had problems will find solutions. Students will have an easy time moving forward with their plans. Stay positive and socialize more. New friends can make a big difference in 2017 as can your siblings. 

Family life will flourish because you feel loving and generous. Avoid unnecessary travels abroad, but small trips for business are most beneficial at work.

Love life can be up and down for single Scorpios. Solve any misunderstandings right away.

Take care of your diet and improve your daily habits. Be careful with your stomach and heart.


The Jupiter ruled Archer, whose professional life has not done well, will find 2017 a most positive year. Remain alert in the area of investments. Do not rush into any projects before giving it a great deal of forethought. You will be most successful in 2017, but not without effort. Maintain a cordial relationship with your boss.

Young or returning students should do well. If you’ve been longing for a promotion, this is your year.
Travel is in the cards, especially if you’ve been waiting to make a spiritual journey or a pilgrimage.

Family life is balanced; although, single Sagittarius may not find their perfect match.

After August, concentrate on your career or education, otherwise, you may feel depressed about your love life. Married Sagittarius should focus on improving their bonds.

Be extremely careful with outside food because you may suffer from food borne illnesses. Take care of your stomach. Diabetes sufferers: lose weight and don’t neglect your symptoms. Stress is your poison.
If you want to improve your health, exercise and listen to relaxing music.


The Saturn ruled Capricorn will continue to work hard and keep control over spending. Financial prospects are stable. Do not lend money to close friends or relatives with an expectation of getting it returned in a timely manner. On the other hand, you may receive an inheritance or win a small amount.

Working Capricorns will enjoy a good deal of opportunity for promotion or changing jobs. Enjoy spending time with your parents. Long distance travel is indicated.

In terms of your love life, old relationships are more favorable than new. Avoid pressuring your partner to make permanent decisions.

Health matters are more delicate in 2017. Avoid mental stress as much as possible, eat lightly, and stay warm during cold months. Take care of your immune system. A cup of organic greens a day, will help to keep the doctor away.


Enjoy improvements at work as the quality of your labor improves. You’ll be able to protect yourself from opponents and rivals by staying diplomatic. Take care of your own financial obligations first before giving to others. Save money no matter what, even if it’s just a little. Property matters are good.

Be honest with yourself in terms of what you can and can’t deliver. If you think your business needs a partner, please be extremely cautious.

The professions who benefit the most are lawyers, doctors and those involved in commerce.

In relationship and family matters please stay cordial and have patience. You may experience conflicts with your mate due to your busy schedule. Take some time to play and travel together.

Take care of aches and pains promptly and do not neglect rest.


It will take a great deal of planning to navigate through 2017. Plan long journeys carefully and don’t push yourself. Trust issues may arise, but only with new people. New sources of income will arrive in the second part of the year.

Stay calm when faced with opposition and avoid unnecessary mental stress. Do not share your inner thoughts at work and protect your plans. If you stay positive, you will enjoy admiration and support.

New skills are beneficial, so don’t be lazy! Don’t quit your job unless you have already found another one. If you are unemployed, you will receive an offer, but not until the end of the year.

Socialize and make connections through friends and family. Don’t ignore your mate. Take regular holidays together and you will enjoy a better life. Don’t rush to judge others.

Stay alert in terms of your health, especially hygiene and diet. If you eat poorly, you may suffer from stomach and blood problems. If you want to stay healthy, change your lifestyle. Exercise, eat lightly, rest and above all, avoid mental pressure.


Chinese Horoscope Predictions for 2017
The Year of the Red/Fire Rooster

Find the year of your birth, followed by the predictions for each sign:

The Rat: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008

The Ox: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009

The Tiger: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 and 2010

The Rabbit: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 and 2011

The Dragon: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012

The Snake: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 and 2013

The Horse: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014

The Sheep: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

The Monkey: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

The Rooster: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 and 2017

The Dog: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

The Pig: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995

The Rat

The planets are not highly favorable for the Rat and demand adjustments in both thinking and action. Think twice before you act on anything important. Analyze your relationships with a clear focus. If you can take advantage of the Rooster’s cleverness, you will bring more meaning to your general circumstances and your relationships with others. Watch out for gossip and erroneous thinking. Your ideas are good and you can achieve much at work or with finances, as long as you don’t share your ideas with others. If you don’t, you may be deeply disappointed. Avoid legal disputes.

Be careful with weight gain due to sugar. Exercise early in the day to avoid insomnia, which could become a problem in the summer.

The OX

This year, you’ll need to devote much of your time and energy to bringing about more success at work. Complete all projects in due time and avoid negative energy drains. Prepare for some unforeseen obstacles by being patient. Be kind to yourself, but be ambitious in all your undertakings. If you’re tense and nervous, your health may be weakened. Casual relationships may become permanent. Seek connections with those who are more like you. Surround yourself with lots of friends.

Your health prospects are delicate in the beginning of the year. You’ll need a strict diet, lots of pure water and keeping regular hours. Exercise is a must, even if it’s just taking a walk. Don’t watch too much television and if you need to take a few pounds of, do it sooner than later. The Rooster is asking for balance.

The Tiger

2017 is your year. The Rooster and Tiger are great friends. Congratulations on getting through the Monkey Year. Any projects you start now will work out. Do be careful with making stupid decisions and trusting the wrong people, especially with money. Be realistic and take off your rose colored glasses or face deception. See people and circumstances as they are, not as you want them to be.

As far as health: take care of your digestion and watch your gallbladder health. Eat beneficial fats like olive oil, grass fed butter and avocado. Do not eat fried and processed foods. Make sure to check for any vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

You’ll feel great in the summer, but get some acupuncture for anxiety in the fall.

The Rabbit

If the Monkey Year found you busy and a little unbalanced, please pay attention to your wellbeing. Above all, take a break and rest because if you continue to push beyond your abilities, you may fail in reaching your goals for this very exciting time. Your personal luck can clash with the Fire energy of the Red Rooster. At work, dedication in the spring will bring benefits in the fall. Finances are stable, but relationships and love interests are average at best. Negotiate all disputes without anger or ego. This isn’t a year to jump ship at your job. Move only if necessary.

Don’t neglect your health, especially if you’re overtired. Here are the areas that need focus: arms, legs, liver and nerves. Fresh air and short getaways to the water will help you to deal with upper reparatory problems, migraines, or dizzy spells.

The Dragon

The Rooster brings favor to the clever and powerful Dragon in 2017. Your career luck is excellent as long as you bring your many talents to the table and finish all projects on schedule. Changing jobs can improve your position, but if you are secure and comfortable, you don’t have to rush. In fact, anything new may cause you to feel more pressure. If you need to make more money, use your creativity and dedication. Find a good advisor to make investing easier. Single Dragons looking for love will find it while socializing. Married Dragons will be very pleased with their mates. Negotiate all disputes promptly.

Stay healthy by walking daily, preferably outside. Avoid unhealthy air and stop worrying.

The Snake

In 2017, the Snake will find love, money and a sense of inner pride in all their achievements. But you’ll have to cooperate with others first! Career matters are going well. You can take on a new job if you wish, but only if you are absolutely sure about the company. Otherwise, wait it out and enjoy your current position. When it comes to money, stay focused and trust the Rooster’s gifts. Don’t be lazy.

When it comes to new relationships, you may be uncomfortable with a needy partner. If you’re in love, you can move to the next level.

Married Snakes need to offer their spouses care and patience or face quarrels. Social relationships will help you with career, reputation and wealth. Keep in touch and get out more. Avoid all legal disputes because they may last and bring you stress.

Take care of your eyes and your cardiovascular system. Exercise outdoors and eat right.

The Horse

The restless, active Horse will enjoy a busy and successful year as long as he/she will put major effort into all they do and work with their heart in it. Set higher goals and you will achieve much as income luck is on your side. You’ll enjoy progress and competition. Any new position that offers challenge is the right one for you. You may get a raise or make good investments; in any case, a more luxurious life awaits you by the end of this cycle. Love matters are positive for men. You must put in effort and slow down. Outside of small quarrels, your marriage luck is positive too.

Be careful while in public eye or if you are active on social media. The Female Horse must watch what they say to other females. You are favored in legal disputes involving money; however, if it’s just about your ego, don’t waste your energy!
Take care of your lungs and allergies. Keep exercising and get plenty of fresh air.

The Sheep/Goat

The Metal energy of the Rooster favors your signs. Continue to set higher standards and goals and you will succeed. Income is good. Job luck is on your side. If you don’t feel appreciated or well compensated, then you can find something better. You can make more money, but you’ll have to work harder than ever. If you’re single and looking for love, stay independent and avoid pressuring your partner.

Married Sheep should relax at home and focus on career and bringing in more money. Stay close to your family and a few trusted friends. Don’t push new social relationships.

Lawsuits or legal disputes will take a long time to resolve. Your creativity and versatility will help bring in good fortune in the late summer and fall.

Stay away from unhealthy air and take care of you respiratory system. The water element brings you healing this year.

The Monkey

The tenacious Monkey has been working so hard, but hasn’t seen all of the rewards just yet. This is a different year, where your efforts will show results. You can get a promotion and accept the challenge.

With careful planning, your money luck is good. Manage what you have.

If you need extra income, don’t push too hard. Work smart and ask for assistance.

Maintain current relationships by being patient and understanding. Don’t push and whine. The married Monkey should pay attention to their career and financial goals.

The single Monkey may face competition. Again, focus on yourself and love will find you. Be active socially, make new connections but without pressure. Show you tender side and you’ll become very popular among your friends. Negotiate all disputes, but if you need to fight for your rights, get proper help immediately. 

Health matters are fine, Have more fun and avoid sitting indoors too much. Smoking is absolutely forbidden since the Rooster has to do with breathing and unhealthy air.

The Rooster

Tradition dictates that general luck during your own Animal Year can be either good or not so good. This is why it is recommended that you avoid creating potentially problematic situations. Avoid negative self talk and blaming yourself for other people’s problems. If you’re looking for a promotion, you may have to face competition. For best results at work, cooperation is the key. The Tiger is your best ally.

If you receive a job offer from another company, please think twice and don’t rush. If you do change jobs, stay humble and keep a low profile. Money luck is very good, but you’ll have to work hard. No risky investments are recommended. Be conservative and don’t loan money if you expect quick returns.

The single Rooster will do well with a Dragon or a Snake. If you are already in love, be aware of your partner and your disagreements. If something does not go right, you will blame yourself, which is not necessarily true. Problems can be resolved with mediation. Your social life will get busier. Be polite and keep your ego out of the picture.

Negotiate all disputes fairly. If you are dealing with the law, it will take time. Since this Rooster rules air quality, take care of your upper respiratory system by visiting places near the water, build up your lungs and if you need to get further tests, do so promptly.

This is the beginning of your new 12 year cycle. Accept challenges, face your competition, stay positive and you will achieve much!

The Dog

There are two things that can face the hard working Dog in the year of the Rooster. You will get money-making opportunities; however, you may also feel confused with regards to the direction or making decisions. Avoid taking on additional responsibilities or expanding your business, if you are already busy. You may want to stay put at work and avoiding making unwise moves. Money luck is related to your work and not making a quick investment. When money opportunity comes, move fast, because it won’t last long. Your love luck is not great this year. Don’t push your mate, if you are in a relationship that is stressed. Be patient. The married Dog should focus on career and money as their love life is stable.

Expand your social connections carefully. Be kind and don’t push your opinions on others. Watch out for gossips and backstabbers. Avoid all legal problems by negotiating immediately.

Rest and exercise are the two keys for remaining healthy. You need sun and fresh air. Get a check up if something unusual bothers you. Take short but regular breaks from work, preferably by the water.

Try to relax more, eat right and don’t forget to have some fun.

 The Pig

Although, it’s good and right to be positive with regards to your career aspects, The Rooster year can represent being unrealistic or over confident about you prospects. In other words, you must remain patient and prudent until well into the summer. Additionally, unless you must change jobs, you may want to wait it out. There isn’t a strong career element that will offer easy opportunity.

As far as earned income, you will have to show both passion and dedication; although, money luck also improves in the summer. Do not take chances with money and watch the bottom line. 

Take care of your partner or meet a new one in the spring. Make sure to have fun together. Social life is important and beneficial. Do be aware of what you say. You may really hurt those who wish you well.

Health matters are more delicate. Be careful with your upper respiratory system, bladder, blood and urination because the metal element this year can make you cold.

Opportunities come, but you must be patient, cautious and practical.

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