General Predictions for July 2019

The Phoenix Karmic Messages 
for All Four Elements

Fire: Roman Hand Amulet. Be enthusiastic in everything you do. Accept all challenges, trusting that your goals will be realized.

Air: The Chinese Bear. You are appreciated for your balance, fine eye for details and artistic imagination. Success and fortune will come at a moderate pace.

Water: Hopi Kachina Mask. Nature is your medicine. Your strong empathy and inborn wisdom will help you to avoid conflict.

Earth: Zen Symbol. Spend time and effort to understand yourself, only then you can bring beauty and harmony to the world.

Let’s get ready for a busy month in the sky and here on the Earth plane.

The Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde are here, so how do we not only navigate the next 4 weeks, but also take advantage of some fortunate new opportunities?

The first week of July 1st-7th will begin with Tropical Mars leaving weepy Cancer and entering a sunny Leo. That’s good news because Mars is finally moving away from Rahu. Venus will also make a change as it leaves Gemini for Cancer, offering more stability in our relationships and finances.

A Total Solar Eclipse takes place at 12:16 PST in the 10:38 degree of Cancer, continuing its series of eclipses along the strong, Cardinal axis of Cancer and Capricorn. Go back to the summer of 2001 for more clues of how this energy may affect your personal chart. While, there are no major aspects connected to this event, a Total Solar eclipse is an important astronomical and astrological happening.

Let’s plant the seeds of future projects or plan significant changes, but wait until next week to go full speed ahead.

As usual, if your chart contains Sun, Moon, Ascendant or personal planets in the middle degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries, pay attention to signs pointing to new beginnings. I suspect due to the Sun and Moon conjunction being blessed by Uranus, the next 6 months are best spent beautifying our environment, enjoying our friends and families and feeling blessed by increasing resources; in short focusing on the positive aspects of what we feel is ‘home.’

Because of the Saturn/Jupiter influence, patience and hard work are still needed, but overall, this is a fortunate planetary event, especially thanks to the Fixed Star Alhena. According to tradition, Alhena favors success in science, art and spirituality. There is also a love of luxury, wealth, honor, and being able to negotiate peaceful solutions. Do be careful with injuries related to feet. 

The Total Eclipse will be visible from the southern Pacific Ocean, east of New Zealand to the Coquimbo Region in Chile and Argentina at sunset.

The rest of the week is pretty enjoyable until Sunday when Mercury slows down to a full stop and moves Retrograde for the rest of July. 

The week of July 8th-14th is more, shall we say, tricky because of the Sun’s clash with Saturn and Pluto and a volatile energetic outburst between Mars and Uranus. What is this week all about and which signs will be stressed? On Tuesday, July 9th, Cancer and Capricorn must take it easy. The energy is weaker than usual: don’t push your body, don’t take on more responsibilities and rest, rest, rest!

Use the gentle Neptune trine to enjoy reading, relaxing by the water, or being around spiritually minded friends. From Thursday on, don’t let your imagination lead you to wrong conclusions, since Mercury is Retrograde and the Sun /Pluto opposition could lead to unnecessary conflicts, jealous outbursts or clashes with the authorities. 

July 11th is a red Flag day for incidents and accidents, including some possible violent global events. I suggest you don’t make sudden moves without getting proper advice. Watch out for bad weather or some news involving banking or land values. Remember, you can avoid both pain and injury if you stay calm, don’t rush and practice patience with yourself and others.

The third week of July is all about the true Capricorn Partial Lunar Eclipse. Don’t let Mercury confuse you. This one is all about Big business and corporate structures, intensely emotional endings and a possibility of a much longed-for fresh start. Just look at the Pluto position: way too close to this full moon cycle for my taste. We could also witness social conflicts or the exposure of hidden information, secrets or poor choices. So, I’d be careful with “bad” behavior. In my experience, Lunar eclipses’ influences may last up to 3 months.

A lonely, overburdened Venus/Saturn opposition doesn’t bode well for relationships either; although here again, Saturn and Jupiter tell us to stay optimistic and have faith because much good can come after the conflict is over. Neptune, meaning the higher vibe of Venus shall also help to sooth our emotions. Being alone is not being lonely as long as self-care is on agenda, whatever self-care means to you.

Do not take any risks in financial matters if your chart is stressed! Here is the Cardinal orb of influence: 14-26 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer. 

The global areas affected will include most of Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and most of South America. The US is fortunately free of the visibility zone.

On July 19th, Mercury will move back into Cancer: use your intuition to avoid touchy, defensive communications, and as I’ve already mentioned, be careful with social media. If you need, read a book about mental toughness or get some therapy.

Here comes the energetic balm from the Universe that begins right on Monday, July 22nd. The Sun enters its natural home in Tropical Leo, getting along famously with the Aries Moon. 

Mercury improves our communications and commercial matters when it conjuncts Venus and the energetic Mars trines optimistic Jupiter! Yes, minor irritations may spoil the mood on Tuesday, but, if you get some exercise, fresh air or simply avoid nasty situations, the next few days hold much promise.

On Friday, Leo and Capricorn could face some frustrating situations. Unless it’s your birthday, I wouldn’t worry.

The weekend is made for joy, socializing, and having fun when Tropical Venus moves into Leo. This is a perfect time for healing, saying no to useless, painful patterns and instead focusing on our blessings. One sign that should pay attention is Gemini. Don’t overindulge if you don’t want to feel badly.

July 29th is a yellow flag day for Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius when the Sun will square off with erratic Uranus. Get ready for a few days of turbulence and the unexpected; especially because Mercury is about to slowly move direct on July 31st. 

Tuesday, July 30 is not a great day for Cancer, Leo and Capricorn. Now, these are short, minor blubs, so just avoid, ignore or do something that makes you feel good, including offering care and love to those who appreciate you! Leos need to be careful around alcohol, water and other toxins, including shellfish allergies.

On Wednesday, you’d think that a rare, second New Moon of this month, now in Leo, can help us with the jitters, but since Uranus is still active, I‘d still suggest we all take it nice and easy.

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