General Predictions for September 2019

The Hidden Realms Oracle for the Four Elements

Fire: The Dream Walker. Pay attention to your dreams for important messages.

Air: The Lady of Lightening. Get ready for surprises and sudden shifts.

Water: Sisters of the Seasons. Divine order and predestined cycles.

Earth: The Wise Woman. Integrity and compromise bring success.

The seasonal change comes in full force as the majority of challenging aspects of this year ease, some in a dramatic way. Saturn is moving Direct, bringing a good deal of positivity to those who’ve been working diligently and calmly since last spring. Long lingering health issues can now be addressed and improved rather quickly. Finally, after many months together, Saturn separates from the mysterious South Node, Ketu, a transit that has brought many difficulties.

Although, Mars and Saturn will continue to bring heat, a lovely conjunction between Venus and Mercury should ease our minds and help us to find more balance.

October is an excellent month to execute plans, pay off debts, take your relationships to a new level, and perhaps conceive a child.

All negotiations are favored as is taking unusually brave steps forward to improve the areas of life which no longer serve your higher good.

The first week of October is all about Pluto stationing Direct, after 5 long months, as it continues on its way to the great 2020 meet-up with Saturn in Capricorn. The key words are: dig deep into your subconscious, identify what you truly want, and be ruthless in weeding out what blocks your happiness. This is a critical time for Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra in terms of making profound positive changes.

On October 3rd, Mercury enters Tropical Scorpio, where it’ll stay longer than normal because of the upcoming Retrograde in November. Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius may change their communication styles: namely, think deeply as they communicate with a new intensity. This is a fantastic time for therapy.

On the same day, Mars leaves Tropical Virgo and moves into gentle Libra. Yes, this Mars is not as active, but cooling off the recent outbursts is a very good thing.

The weekend starts with the Moon in playful Sagittarius on her way to all-business, Capricorn.

On Saturday, the early degrees of Scorpio and Aries should take a short break or bite their tongue. Capricorn and Pisces feel both empowered and compassionate towards their loved ones.

Late on Sunday, Mercury will oppose Uranus bringing on a bout of anxiety, nervous jitters or a bolt of enlightenment. Incidentally, that could literally mean something goes wrong with the electric grid or we get caught in a storm. Early degrees of Fixed signs must pay attention. I’d go to bed early.

The Full Moon week of October 7th-13th has a distinct Aries flavor, weather you like a jolt of Mars energy or feel overwhelmed. Patience and calm may be in short supply. This pattern doubles because for the next few days, Venus is stressed by erratic, exciting Uranus. I would be gentle with important relationships and pay attention to your money by not rushing into new territory. Do something nice for yourself and above all, practice detachment. Stay clear from jealous or manipulative people, especially if you’re feeling vulnerable.

Libra should take care of their kidney health by staying warm and avoiding overworking: The Sun/Neptune contact can make bring on fatigue and allergies.

Saturday is a red flag day for Libra, Scorpio and Taurus, but the Full Moon on Sunday is glorious, as long as you avoid unnecessary drama.

A luck-bearing sextile between the Sun and Jupiter and a grown up, smart aspect between Mercury and Saturn can bring successful conclusions to contracts or projects. We should all count our blessings!

A power mongering, manipulative square between the Libra Sun and Capricorn Pluto that started late Sunday, October 13th, will linger through Wednesday October 16th. The stressed degrees are 15-25, meaning Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer must stay calm and be patient in order to avoid major conflicts. However, Mercury in Scorpio should help. It’s all about being mature and communicating your needs before things get difficult. Be careful with authorities and your bosses. Listen to your gut.

On Tuesday, Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer enjoy a gorgeous, spiritually enlightening trine between Mercury and Neptune. Creativity is at its high. Mercury will be active again over the weekend in its positive, therapeutic, problem solving mode.

A down to earth, practical Venus/Saturn sextile brings the Water and Earth signs relief in the areas of relationships and financial planning. On the other hand, Fire and Air signs may feel out of sorts. No need to feel alone or be afraid of financial ruin. Do something for others or focus on your own security.

The week of October 21st-27th is all about transformation, purging and letting go, including a possible crisis.

This is a great time to start a detoxification protocol or therapy, clean closets, end bad habits or in some rare cases, say farewell to that unhealthy relationship.

Monday, October 21st is a magical, romantic day for Water signs thanks to Venus and Neptune.If you can, avoid overworking or being too practical just for a day or so. It’s okay to daydream, take a long walk outside or start a new creative project. Do it now, because by Wednesday, you may not get the chance relax.

Friday, October 25th is a productive day for Virgo and Sagittarius; on the other hand, Scorpio and Aries may feel unjustly provoked. A positive contact between Venus and Pluto helps.

This is a New Moon week; although, this one, in early Scorpio calls for special attention. I would avoid any important projects or negotiations for a few days. First of all, we’ll have to deal with a square between Mars and Saturn along that same frustrating degree of the Cardinal signs. Working hard may exhaust your reserves. On top of it, an electrifying opposition between the Sun in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus means a jolt of nervous tension. Frustration or anger lead to nothing good!

October ends with Mercury moving Retrograde and an energy sapping contact between Mars and Neptune. On the positive side, we do get to enjoy a delightful, meaningful conjunction between Mercury and Venus. Libra and Pisces, take it nice and easy on Monday, the 28th.

For the next few days, Sagittarius matters are highlighted, such as higher education, adventure, or long-distance travel.

On October 31st, Mercury stations Retrograde in the intensely secretive, even obsessive sign of Scorpio in both the Tropical and Sidereal calendars. Mercury will move Direct on November 20th around the 11th degree of Scorpio/Sidereal Libra. Retrograding Mercury is extra strong.

Tropical Mercury in Scorpio can be ruthless and probing; on the positive side, it can also favor highly sophisticated thinking processes.

Sidereal Scorpio, ruled by Mars, is associated with military action, impatience, paranoia and reproductive problems.

How do we prepare? First of all, watch all underhanded behaviors, stay away from the social media pages of your ex. Focus on staying away from gossip, spiteful, jealous people, and don’t look into dark corners if you want to avoid consequences. To sum up, keep calm, flexible and detached. Make sure to keep your bowels and your liver as clean as you can.

(In my opinion, the interesting dates to watch for Mercury’s tricks are October 31st, November 9th, 13th, 16th and 20th.)

Happy Halloween!

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