General Astrological Trends for January 2018

Affirmation of the month: I am mature, responsible and patient with myself and others as I am open to new opportunities. I am aware of how my over-emotional responses block my creative and spiritual progress.

Dear friends, 2018 will undoubtedly be the year we will all remember well. I call this period, the time of both opportunity and precariousness. And we won’t have to wait long to witness an impressive planetary weather show! 

During this year, no less than three planets will be combust, while both Venus and Mars will retrograde and that on top of 5 not 4 Eclipse Cycles. I would say the overwhelming rule this year is a big “reality” check. See what works, root out what doesn’t, and above all try to stay emotionally neutral.

Remember: We are not trapped by the Universal energy. We have a choice to receive it and transform it in order to benefit ourselves and our surroundings.

Yes, we still have to contend with Rahu being in Cancer, meaning bringing volatility to our family life, but we get help from Mars. Mars will be transiting in its exaltation sign of Capricorn for 6 months; meaning doing the “right thing” makes everything feel so much better!

Until February 20th, Venus will be combust (burnt by the Sun). This transit asks us to postpone all crucial plans related to finances and pay attention to our own judgment regarding family matters and new love relationships. Mercury will also remain combust where he will join Saturn. Luckily, Saturn will end the cycle after January 8th.The Ascendants and Moon signs most affected will be Vedic Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

2018, the year of what many astrologers refer as the Year of the Woman, starts off with a bang with a Super moon in the super emotional water sign of Tropical Cancer. Both Saturn and Venus will oppose this lunation. The Cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries will need to do everything in their power to avoid feelings of inadequacy and dejection. Overindulging in food, alcohol or chemical substances will only bring on a massive headache and/or considerable stomach issues. (Interestingly enough, January will end with another Super moon, this one even stronger due to being eclipsed.)

The first week is a busy one with Uranus moving direct and speeding through the last degrees of Aries, on its way to a 7-year stay in Taurus. The Sun and Venus soften our hearts when they make gorgeous aspects with Neptune. So it seems the answers can be found in a more spiritual approach and relaxed attitude towards making plans. Don’t worry; you will get a burst of energy. For now, focus on your wellness and rest if you must.

Saturday, January the 6th is an interesting day full of exciting communications, out of the blue news and tons of energy. Everyone can benefit, but be wary of overdoing it or risk joint or knee problems the very next day, especially if you are a Cardinal sign.

The second week of January continues the trend for Cardinal folks when everyone says goodbye to the holidays and gets back to routines. Oh wait, what routine? There nothing “normal” about these days. We must learn to understand Capricorn energy as the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto visit the sign of the Mountain Goat. It’s all business all of the time, sometimes at the expense of home and family.

Now, on the positive side, when the Sun and Venus aspect Jupiter, they shine and expand egos and bank accounts for the Earth and Water signs. Watch the equity markets!

Mars cooperates with Pluto, offering energy to solve long lingering psychological issues. If you want to stay well, begin a well thought-out, practical fitness regiment on January 10th.

Mercury will join the Capricorn pack on the 11th coming very close to Saturn. Thinking processes get even more serious and supremely focused on business.

The weekend is extremely unstable or exciting, depending on what you like, thanks to Uranus. I’d avoid risky activities and prepare for some volatility or storms while traveling. This can be an exciting time, but be aware of consequences. 

The Fire and Air signs should avoid making commitments or signing contracts on Friday the 19th.

Another positive development will take place after January 18th, when the planetary condition called Kala Sarpa Dosha (all planets trapped between Rahu and Ketu) will finally come to conclusion.

Mercury is quite active January 24th- 28th. While it may benefit Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces, our dear Aries, Libra and Cancer will need to watch their nerves. 

The First Quarter Moon offers much success to the early degrees of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Profound insights can lead to making bold moves.

The week of the New Moon seems calmer, but I still suggest avoiding new or critical activities for a few days. Everything, including our emotions seems overblown. Please focus on balance. Yes, taking a few well-calculated risks may serve you in terms of short term goals. If you are well prepared that is. In that case, this is not the time to sit on our hands. Move forward and see your plans blossom.

On January 31st we have the first Lunar Eclipse of 2018 along the middle degrees of Tropical Leo/Aquarius/Taurus/Scorpio Axis. This is yet another Super moon event, meaning everything is magnified. Venus will oppose the Moon while Jupiter will square it. I’m afraid this is all about excess, perhaps followed by significant restructuring.

Technically speaking, if we look at the sky, this event takes place in the Cancer Constellation placed between the two Fixed Crab Stars, aligned with asteroid Ceres. Ceres is associated with the modern, self-actualized woman and/or mother. Single and working mothers are also rules by Ceres.

I suspect, the current dialog about women’s issues will continue with some contentiousness due to a highly charged emotional energetic discharge. The best way to deal with this pattern is to look at your life honestly and objectively, see what works and make adjustments toward better balance in terms of relationships. This is the time to clear clutter in our lives, both literally and figuratively.

Here are the keys to this Lunar Eclipse: emotions, subconscious currents, memories of the past, old habits, mother, mother issues, nurturing, home, security needs, self-sufficiency and single parenting.

Ceres is also associated with Virgo as she rules plants, foods, harvests and the environment.

The Eclipse will be visible, therefore most active over North Western North America, the Pacific, Asia and Australia. I do predict some significant weather related events for the following 3 months. As always, look into your Natal and/or Progressed chart Houses for clues about how best to take advantage of this energetic pattern.

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