General Predictions for September 2019

Fire: Fire: Pansy. Think freely and use your creative intelligence.

Air: Tune into the positivity that is all around you.

Water: Forget-Me-Not. Cherish good memories by reflecting on your past without regrets.

Earth: Lavender. Seek balance and serenity. Declutter. Ring+Lilies: Commitments and pure intentions

It’s hard to believe – only four months left in 2019! As we are coming up to yet another Equinox, the planets are pointing us towards making positive adjustments and getting as organized as we can. Outside of the Equinox, the biggest news this month is Saturn moving Direct for the first time since April 30th and this is very good news if you’ve felt frustrated or blocked by your progress.

The First week is busy in terms of aspects, meaning celestial contacts. In fact, some of these contacts are the last of this year. Sunday and Monday are Venus days favoring Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus as well as Sagittarius. Do be careful with overspending.

Virgo matters, such as organization, cleaning, service, work; health, diet and exercise are in focus. 

September 4th is a confusing day because of the Venus/Neptune opposition along the Virgo/Pisces axis. Gemini and Sagittarius must be aware as well. The question is what is real and what you think is real?

Don’t make decisions, especially in relationships or investments just yet. Wait until Friday when serious Saturn gets involved.

The second planet not yet fully comfortable or useful is Mercury because it will come under the influence of the Sun and Mars. Avoid heating up, conflicts, verbal altercations, watch your temper and stay cool. Calm, patient, adult behavior will help you to navigate this somewhat challenging week, above all, avoid social media or anything you say in writing. 

September 7th, Saturday is the day to watch when Mercury opposes Neptune, a truly nasty aspect associated with deceptions, mental and verbal confusion or outright lying. The signs affected include Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini.

Sunday is a much better day!

The week between September 9th and the 15th is all about the Full Moon. The show starts on Monday with a deeply healing aspect for Aquarius and Aries.

Virgo and Pisces continue to struggle with foggy thinking and an inability to make decisions. Don’t overdo on Wednesday and Thursday, when Mars in Virgo squares off with over-reaching Jupiter in Sagittarius. Over confidence could lead to mistakes that lower your self-perception or self-confidence.

The Full Moon in Pisces favors the Capricorn area in your chart: maturity, stability and dedication. Dig deep and solve old problems with confidence. 

Once we get through another opposition, this one the energy-sapping conflict between Mars and Neptune, the next few weeks promises much positivity as both Venus and Mercury enter Tropical Libra, where they operate on a higher vibrational energy.

Here comes the week of Saturn finally moving in Direct motion, but first Aries, Capricorn, Libra and to a less of a degree, Cancer, must deal with some intense feelings when Pluto and Chiron either oppose or square their signs. Avoid those who still hold the power to wound.

On Tuesday September 17th, it’s Taurus who needs to pay close attention to their surroundings and emotional state.

Saturn moves Direct the very next day, this time well-supported by the Moon, Mars and Pluto! Have we learned our lessons? Are we ready to charge forward with confidence? Is our foundation sound? Hopefully the answer is a resounding yes!! Think back to last April, put past issues in the past where they belong, tie up those lose ends and get moving. A power-packed trine between Mars and Pluto along the Earth signs axis only helps. I can point to September 19th as one of the most helpful days we’ve been given. 

Finally, on September 21st, we will witness the last exact square between Jupiter and Neptune. Some may feel pretty down because of the Mercury/Saturn square. Don’t be sad: spend the day with loving friends, family or get some work done ahead of the next week; anything is fine, just don’t sit there and mope

The planetary energy of the last 7 days in September are all about balancing our lives as well as signaling the change of the seasons, when the Tropical Sun moves enters Libra.

Libra, Capricorn, Cancer and Aries: a square between Venus and Saturn could mean you are out of touch with your emotions, feeling that your needs are not being met, but it can also be useful for setting budgetary goals and being realistic about what you can do to make yourself happy.

Another last-of-the-year aspect on September 26th brings into focus the intensity connected with Mercury clashing with Pluto. We may see more secrets come to light or finish therapy.

Friday September 27th comes under the influence of critical, picky Virgo Moon. Be careful with your heart and your wallet, especially if today’s your birthday.

The last weekend in September is blessed by the New Moon artistic, gentle Libra; although, the accompanying aspects are a bit dodgy for Libra and Taurus, although, the Sagittarius Jupiter will help.

A square between Venus and Pluto is nothing to ignore either; so all you Cardinal signs do be careful with sexual relationships and money, deal with control issues with patience and understanding and hold firm to your own ethics and values.

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