General Predictions for February 2019

Happy Lunar Year of the Female Earth Pig! The Year officially starts on February 5th. Traditionally speaking, the energy here is connected to land and land concerns, including things related to too much water, i.e., flooding. You may earn a good deal of money or be foolish and overspend: however, the Female Pig year is definitely an improvement from the unstable and somewhat challenging 2018. 

Here are some general trends: While the Ox will get plenty of opportunities to make money, the Tiger should focus on cooperating with others and improving their people skills. 

The Rabbit can look forward to an excellent year. 

The Dragon, who barely survived 2018 will enjoy more peace and finally be able to calm their nerves. 

There is no rest for the clever Snake. You will have to push your way to the top and become a better communicator. You are in conflict with the Pig.

The Horse will have more fun in 2019. The Horse is the one signs everyone will admire and should be approached for advice or help. 

The Goat will also enjoy better luck and may see their wishes come true. 

All you Monkeys: settle down and don’t take chances; the Pig Year is not your best. 

Roosters (just like Tigers) will have to pay attention to how you relate with others if you want to succeed. Diplomacy and patience are the key words to remember. 

The loyal and patient Dog will have to count only on his or herself. 

This is your personal year, Pig, so set your priorities, work both hard and smart and you will see positive results!

Since this year is connected to the Earth and Water Element, tradition says we should strengthen the Fire and Metal elements. 

It is said that in 2019 the lucky colors are pink, orange, red, white and gold. Don’t forget to add a touch of earth tone colors as well. 

The key words include: family time, simplicity, fun, leisure activities, patience and calm. (Of course, every Animal sign has additional lucky elements. If you want to know yours, you can always consult an expert.)

The following Flying Stars/directions are considered to be inauspicious: #2 North East, #3 south, #5 Southwest, #7 Southeast.

The Three-Killings Direction (avoid renovation, digging, noise) is West. 

The Tai Sui (lucky Jupiter) direction is northwest.

Crystal Oracle Affirmations for the month for all 4 Elements:

For Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: Selenite Green. I learn to simply relax and enjoy the ride!

For Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn: Jasper Red. I am always willing and able to care for all those who need me as I heal my own emotional wounds.

For Gemini, Libra and Aquarius: Tumbled Stones. I am a natural born healer for both myself and others!

For Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: Chrysoprase. I open my heart to many miraculous experiences in store for me.

February starts on Friday with an angry Mars/Pluto Square along the middle degrees of the Cardinal axis. Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer: avoid ego conflicts, power struggles, stay calm and resist negativity. Don’t worry: those who are trying to harm you will reap their rewards later in the year.

Saturday, February 2nd, is an exciting, even lucky day for both love and money. In fact, the entire Super Bowl weekend is an ideal time to socialize and enjoy a burst of creativity. Venus’s placement asks us to get serious about our relationships and our budgets. This is all about tenacity, dedication and being a grown up.

The first full week of February begins with a New Moon, signaling the start of the New Chinese (Lunar) Year. The Moon is in Aquarius. Do you like to be surprised? Have you been waiting for the winds of change? Are you ready to clear the old or maybe you like to innovate? Then, this week is for you!

February the 7th is a very fortunate day for Pisces and Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries.

The 9th offers solutions through clever thinking and a boost of mental energy for the Air and Fire signs. The Water and Earth folks may just feel jittery. Drink plenty of warm water and rest as needed.

Mercury will enter Pisces, its sign of debilitation on February 10. This will be an extra long visit due to an upcoming retrograde in March. Don’t get fuzzy with the details. Intuition is a good guide as long as you are not deluding yourself.

The week of February 11th is full of Mars energy, as the planet of War and action conjuncts with Uranus, moving forward, but still in very late, meaning true Aries. Here’s the deal: take all precautions with your personal safety because Mars and Uranus are all about impatience, volatility, temperamental outbursts, including violent protests. We should also be careful with cuts, fires and electricity. If you develop a headache, make sure to hydrate and meditate.

These two don’t care about consequences or feelings, so just be aware and sit this one out until Thursday, Valentine’s Day, when all is forgiven if not forgotten. 

I would say Tuesday and Wednesday are the Red Flag days for the following: 26-29 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra and 0-3 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. 

The rest of the week is pretty mellow, even dreamy; especially on Saturday night when Venus sextiles Neptune. Now, I’d still not rush into the bedroom with that glam, inappropriate stranger or run off to Vegas to get married, but a nice dinner with candles is just what you need.

Gemini and Cancer matters are prominently featured. That means communicate without over-emoting. A Sun/Uranus sextile late on the 17th will carry over into Monday. This is a positive meeting for late degrees of Aquarius and Aries.

Here comes the Full Moon week. Because it is also the week when the Sun moves into Pisces, get ready for some changes, fated endings and try to look forward.

The Virgo Super Moon in 0 degree (wow!) shines on matters connected to the Earth element. Focus on stability, service and stop feeling sorry for yourself! This Moon favors the early degrees of Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio.

Mercury, still in Pisces is very active as it conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Saturn. I like these aspects because we can take advantage of our intuition and creativity (Neptune) and get serious and detail oriented (Saturn). This is how we can make our dreams real.

There may be a few hiccups in terms of power struggles around February 22nd when Venus joins with Pluto in Capricorn- let’s say around 17-24 degree axis.

Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries: take it easy in matters of love, sex and money. This intense energy won’t last long, but since Mercury is still active, watch what you say on Saturday, the 23rd. On the other hand, lots of issues may be solved by talking it over without pushing each other’s buttons.

Sunday, the 24th is a lovely day, particularly for the Water and Earth Signs. 

The last few days of February are pretty mellow. Yes, the Sun and Mars could cause a bit of a snafu, on Wednesday the 27th, but also may improve our energy and will power, at least for the next few days. You can make things happen at work or make strides in terms of physical activities.

Incidentally, on Tuesday, February 26th, Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini may want to avoid drinking and driving and watch out for allergies.

 This short month ends with an optimistic, adventure-loving Sagittarius Moon moving into all business Capricorn. Since both the Sun and Mars make positive contacts with the Moon, don’t waste time. 

You can accomplish a great deal now, before Mercury enters its “storm” or “gray” period on March 1st in preparation for the upcoming Retrograde cycle. 

If you need to sign important papers or make long-term plans in February, here are the best dates: February 4-10, 15-18 and 24-26. (March is not a favorable month to commence or commit to anything new that may be of long term significance.)

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