General Astro Trends for November 2017

Affirmation of the Month: "I move past “stuck” energy, habitual negative thought, inherited familiar patterns or misdirected emotional reactions in order to live fully and joyfully!.”

Hurricanes, Fires, Floods, Mass shootings, truck attacks; yes, the times are indeed perilous at best. Mars opposes Uranus while squaring Pluto. Saturn continues to contact Uranus. Meaning there will be more surprises and volatility, as well as a push for personal freedom, causing potential conflict or disruptions in relationships. Still, November does offer some energetic respite provided we remain calm and practice gratitude for what we do have and can control. 

If you want to go deeper: the Universe is asking us for trusting the energy of change with a capital “C.”

If we react to planetary “chaos” with fear, we can expect more drama. If we look at chaos as an agent of transformation and flow with it, we can make meaningful progress and speed up our growth. No one likes enforced change, but if we resist or over-react, we only cause more pain and suffering, loss and disappointment in ourselves and others.

Saturn is now moving nicely in the House of Jupiter, the Vedic Sagittarius. This placement, lasting over 800 plus days shows easing of frustrations experienced during Saturn’s visit into Scorpio, ruled by fiery Mars. For all of you Star Wars fans, I call this transit “The New Hope.”

Of course, everything will depend on your personal chart and transits, but generally speaking, if you do just a few things differently, you will find the next two and a half years much more to your liking.

I suggest the following: get organized, set goals and focus on making good on your promises. Intention is everything! This Saturn cycle brings fortunate outcomes to those who are persistent and patient.

The Full Moon cycle is extremely active. Pay attention to the few days around November 3rd, especially all you middle degrees (9-13) of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo.

Venus is both practical and exciting when she sextiles the mature, duty oriented Saturn and opposes electrifying, oddball Uranus. The Sun/Neptune trine blesses the Water and Earth signs, while making the other folks foggy or weary. Be careful with chemicals, toxins and practice meditation.

On November 5th, Tropical Mercury moves into Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. This transit will be good for students. 

On November 7th, Tropical Venus leaves her natural sign of Libra and moves into passionate, sexually intense Scorpio. This transit can also be used to take a look at your spending habits and cut out all that is not meaningful for your wellbeing.

Scorpio and Capricorn: if you’ve been waiting to deal with authorities, do so on November 9th. 

Here come the big guys. The second weekend of the month is all about a rare planetary trine between Saturn and Uranus. These two are indeed odd bed fellows: Saturn the grumpy grandfather and Uranus the rebellious teenager. But this time, they get along famously. Here we find a mix of maturity and innovation, stability and fun, doing what’s right but enjoying it! Who benefits the most? That would be Sagittarius, Leo and Aries along with the late Tropical degrees of the Fire signs. Who won’t exactly like it? Well, the Water folks for sure; again of the late Western degrees.

Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces: mark your calendars for November 13th when Venus and Jupiter, the two major benefics meet up. If they fall in your 5th house, you may want to buy a lotto ticket. Check your Natal Chart.

Pisces: don’t overdo it because Mercury and Neptune will square off late that day. You may also want to avoid that Sagittarius friend or family member if you feel their communications style if a bit too harsh.

All of us should be careful with written communica-tions or messages.

Thursday, November 16th is made for romance and a bit of self indulgence, while Friday, the 17th is just brimming with positive energy.

This month’s New Moon arrives in true Scorpio and is followed by a nasty square between Mars and Pluto. Take precautions with safety during the entire weekend, especially if you are Libra, Capricorn, Cancer and Aries. I would avoid commencing anything new or important around this New Moon.

The week of the 20th is quiet busy as the Tropical Sun moves into Sagittarius, passionate Venus gets along with intense, bad boy Pluto and Neptune stations Direct.

Thanksgiving is a day with some emotional volatility, but the energy will blow off very quickly as we all feel the loving when the Moon and the Sun mesh beautifully.

Saturday, the 25th is a fun-filled day with loads of extra energy, which we all will need if we over eat those leftovers the day before. Watch your sugar consumption.

Actually, the Universe will give us a much deserved break during the entire holiday weekend.

Around November 28th, a late degree Mercury/Saturn contact will be seen in the sky. Sagittarius, Aries and Leo will do well to focus on getting organized, working hard and being self-disciplined.

Your critical thinking abilities will improve. On a sour note, late degrees of Virgo, Pisces and Gemini will have to work very hard to avoid depressive thoughts, frustrating communications, and overall negativity by acknowledging what has gone wrong. If you need to get therapy or talk with an older, trusted friend, go right ahead. I wouldn’t take yourself too seriously unless this transit echoes your natal aspects between Saturn and Mercury. Remember, the planets don’t do anything to us if we are aware.

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