General Predictions for May 2018

Affirmations of the month for 4 Elements:

For Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: Pay attention to the needs of your inner child!

For Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn: Make time to play and lighten up!

For Gemini, Libra and Aquarius: This is the time to make lasting changes on the inside!

For Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: Draw a line in the sand and stick to it!

I don’t know if you remember a few of my past predictions about this May, but just in case, let’s call it a definitely Red Flag month; and yet we can also take advantage of much positivity and progress. The trick is to know where to place all this energy.

Let’s revisit a several months long Saturn Retrograde once more because I believe Saturn stations are ever so much more critical than quick mini-bites from Mercury RX.

The placement of Saturn in Vedic Sagittarius (quarrels and warring) demands caution, especially since it also touches the sector ruling the entire social media. Be careful with all your written communications: FB postings, tests and emails. If you are provoked and come out fighting, be willing to pay a price. Overall, this entire retrograde is about inward focus. 

Plan, review, re-do, but avoid pushing too hard. Legal matters can be very stressful too.

If you are employed and your boss is unfairly critical or downright mean, you must keep quiet until September or find another job. Check the house where your Natal Saturn is placed, counting from Ascendant and the Moon for more specific clues. 

Of course, the number one planetary news involves the great disruptor, Uranus. On May 16th, when Uranus will leave Aries and move into Taurus. It will retrograde back to Aries on November 7th, but then move forward in Taurus in 2019, where it will stay for 7 long years. In fact, most astrologers consider this transit the most important one of the entire Year.

This is big, folks. The last cycle between 1935 and 1942 was a game changer: The Great Depression and WWII.

Prepare for major changes in our financial institutions, banking currencies and some gnarly weather patterns. Watch carefully what takes place until November 7th for clues. Since Uranus is an outer planet, meaning it affects the entire planet, we should be aware of our personal Uranus aspects in order to benefit or avoid problems.

I’m not saying we have to worry about the past, but I do expect major shifts in banking and/or equity markets. By the way, crypto currencies are also ruled by Taurus.

The asteroid Chiron is also changing signs, moving from Pisces into Aries. This transit is all about the “wounded ego.” I will write more as the transit takes hold just as I’ll be writing more about Uranus in Taurus.

In the meantime, the first week in May is relatively stable, except for May 1st, a day without aspects, meaning it’s the day of the Joker card: expect the unexpected. The Moon will travel from intense Scorpio, thorough fun loving Sagittarius and will end on a productive note in Capricorn during the weekend. The 4th and the 5th are particularly productive and beneficial.

Sunday the 6th is a fun filled day for Taurus and Pisces, while Aquarius must watch their nerves.

The week of May 7th through the 13th is a tricky one. Monday is colored by a manipulative, unpleasant square between Mercury and Pluto, an aspect of secrets. Venus and Neptune square off on the same day, bringing up deceit of delusions in the area of finances and or social relationships.

The odd vibe continues on Tuesday when the Sun and Jupiter opposition blows everything out of proportion. Please be careful with overdoing, over promising, and ego-based decisions.

Now, Friday May 11th is much better in terms of making your dreams into a reality when a most constructive trine between the Sun and Pluto means you can manifest anything you desire, provided you have built a strong foundation, since Pluto is associated with power.

Be careful with minor accidents and drive carefully on Saturday when Mercury squares energetic Mars. You may even face a conflict with women. Use the lovely Venus sextile to your advantage. You’ll catch more flies with honey; yes, that one…

Mother’s Day is all about Mercury and Uranus. I call it the double jolt for our nerves. Fortunately, Mercury is moving into Taurus. If you want to avoid issues and conflicts, here’s what you do. Speak slowly, repeat twice: in fact, don’t talk, just do. If you have plans and these plans are causing you tension: slow down and don’t rush around because the day only gets better, especially in the late afternoon and evening.

The following week is all about the New Moon in true Taurus. Monday the 14th is a fantastic day both for inspiration and perspiration. Get to the bottom of problems and solve them beautifully. 

The next two days are intense and demand close attention. Please wait a few days after the New Moon to start anything new. Just as Uranus moves into Taurus, a Fixed sign, Mars makes his move into Aquarius, also a Fixed sign and not at all in harmony with Taurus. Mars in Aquarius is associated with folks who work in technology, gaming industry and do not like being told what to do. Taurus is all about rules and regulations, so here lays the problem. Together, I suspect the energetic instability along with lots of unpredictable occurrences.

Now Friday is a constructive, down to earth kind of a day when Mercury trines Saturn-favoring Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The very next day, Venus moves into Cancer, the mothering/smothering sign, again not easily maneuvered by Mars in Aquarius. Luckily, Uranus in Taurus will help to bring a bit of excitement and glamour into the mix.

The Tropical Sun’s move into lighthearted Gemini will bring a bit of relief. Have some fun, do some journaling or communicate your feelings with a sense of humor.

The third full week of May highlights Virgo Libra and Scorpio matters. Mercury in Taurus is very active, meaning we will be focusing on communications, travel and commerce. An annual opposition between Mercury and Jupiter on May 23rd asks us to be careful with boasting or talking out of turn.

A dynamic trine between the Sun and Mars favors Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. If you want to succeed, go out and network. Social media matters shine. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius can benefit also.

On Friday the 25th, we are gifted with a Jupiter/Neptune trine. Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer: do you feel lucky? If compassion, empathy, healing through Universal Love point to the positive aspects of this trine, the shadow of this watery trine can bring about false hopes, inflated emotions or other delusion-based decisions. Please be careful, stay grounded and get advice.

A heavy, duty driven opposition between Venus and Saturn on the very next day can throw some cold water on your dreams. If you’ve been flighty, deceptive or insensitive in relationships, you will have to learn a harsh lesson in terms of balancing the Karmic scales of Justice.  

May comes to a close with an active, fun loving Sagittarius Full Moon is accompanied by a trio of lovely trines! But first, the Sun makes a stressful aspect with Saturn. Stay warm, get some rest or risk feeling down. The Lunar Square to Neptune doesn’t help either. I’d avoid chemicals and stay close to home.

On the other hand, the Full Moon likes Mars in Aquarius quiet well, meaning the sexes should get along. We can finish projects and even make long term commitments. Mercury cooperates as well when the Messenger planet enters its first natural home in carefree Gemini. Let’s dispense with all this heaviness and keep communications nice and light.
Thursday May 31st favors Capricorn activities, especially at work. Make sure to look after your health when the serious, practical Moon squares with Chiron, the Wounded Healer in Fiery Aries. Watch out for small cuts and burns. Take it nice and slow and everything will be just fine.

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