General Predictions for May 2019

Past Life Oracle Guidance for the 4 elements

Fire- Prehistoric Shaman: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Do not be afraid to explore your hidden self. Give yourself compassion and understanding to others. 

Air- Mayan Warrior: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Avoid emotional outbursts and pay close attention to your ideas. You can make dramatic changes in your life.

Earth- Chinese Bear: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Use logic and sharpen your mind. Take care of your physical body by getting in touch with your needs for solitude and quiet.

Water- Dancer: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Powers of creative communications bring about new experiences as you shine. Pay close attention to details and plan carefully.

May 2019 promises to be an interesting month, especially for us Astrology aficionados. As I have predicted in the previous newsletters, the energy quickens. 

On May 7th, Mars will come into close contact with Rahu, the malefic North Node of the Moon. What does that mean? Individually speaking, whether this is a positive or a more challenging situation will depend on the house position and the strength of this house in terms of your Natal chart and transits. 

Traditionally, when Mars conjuncts Rahu think of these key words: Fire and Toxic: the fire can burn the toxins and toxins can make the element of fire much stronger. Expect an increase of energy, more anger, problems with allergies, blood circulation, and overall inflammation. How do we deal with this transit? Until June 22nd, I recommend practicing patience, cooling off your temperament, being less harsh in your communications and meditation. If you’re not feeling well: avoid angry outbursts or angry people, detox regularly and eat lightly; cooling herbs will help too. Exercise is a must! Most importantly watch what you say on social media.

If your house position of this conjunction is strong, you will become more ambitious and reach a higher level of success in terms of new experiences. 

The ‘dreaded’ Saturn/ Ketu conjunction is activated in May: this is a “Big” deal and deserves special attention. I wouldn’t freak out: yes, people not interested in the spiritual side of life may find the energy not to their liking, but we can use this time to our benefit if we focus on what we can control, namely our emotional and psychological reactions. Be patient if your projects seem to fail; just go back and review. You will succeed later on, after Saturn moves Direct in a much bigger way! Jupiter will help, meaning positive action, higher learning and surrounding yourself with philosophically/religiously minded friends or colleagues.

Week 1: The first two days of the merry month of May, won’t be to your liking when Mercury, Saturn and Mars bring on some friction, frustration and heavy conversations. The signs affected include Aries, Capricorn, and Gemini. Don’t dig too deep if you aren’t prepared to face the truth. Ask your Sagittarius friends for help or cheer.

The main event up to May 5th is the grounding, practical new Moon in Taurus. The earth element is strong, well supported by Saturn Rx. The earth and water signs can improve their physical wellbeing, plant literal “seeds” for the future, balance their finances as well as get some healing time enjoying nature. I’d wait a few days to start something entirely new since this is a quiet time of the dark Moon. Yes, Jupiter is active, pushing us to over-reach, over-promise or overdo. If you feel you understand the context, go for it. Again, Gemini and Capricorn may be affected by a difficult aspect between Mars and Pluto; pay attention to safety matters.

Week 2: Monday May 6th is a wonderful day for healing and stabilizing our communications style when Mercury enters Taurus. Don’t forget Uranus is in Taurus as well, so be careful not to jump to conclusions, check your information and watch that stubborn streak: it may not serve your best interests!

Neither Mercury nor Venus, still in Aries are happy this week. Venus gets suppressed, rejected and burdened by Saturn and Pluto; although Jupiter comes to our aid, bringing in positive energy. Here’s the scoop: while these aspects do not favor Aries and Capricorn, Sagittarius, Pisces and Leo should be able to take advantage by staying positive, focusing on more fun and coming out of the shadows. Overall, this is not a great week for relationships, but only if we think power struggles will solve our problems. Remember: no one is perfect; let’s learn from the nurturing spirit of the Cancer Moon, followed by Leo generosity.

Actually, if we just lighten up and face our shortcomings with a sense of humor, by Sunday, May 11th - Mother’s Day, all will turn out just fine.

Week 3: The Moon will be making four sign changes, including an intense double Scorpio Full Moon station on May 18th, as Mercury gets very active.

A power- packed trine between the Sun and Pluto on Monday May 13th paints the first part of the week in rich colors: much progress is possible for Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. For some, this is a time of deep psychological breakthroughs; while others get ready to address issues of longed for personal desires. 
On a note of caution: this is not a day to force confrontations with the authorities. Tuesday, May 14th is a special day for love and romance: go out and enjoy!

The very next day, Venus leaves Aries and moves into her first ruling sign, Taurus; emotional balance, harmony, financial stability, earthly beauty and sensuality: these are the robes Venus wears while in Taurus. I’d love to see Mars stay in Gemini, but unfortunately, it moves into watery, touchy and overly-defensive Cancer.

On Thursday, get to work early and you’ll see a great deal of progress, while Friday is perfectly suited for fun and games or leaving on a fun trip. The Full moon is all about transforming negativity, healing old wounds and letting go of the past. In fact, the entire weekend is filled with excitement, passion, deep communications, or out of the blue happenings; although, Sunday is more mellow. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are blessed by Chiron, the Wounded healer.

Week 4: The planetary energy quickens when the Sun and Mercury exit Taurus and move into witty, nervy Gemini. The next month is all about socializing, communicating, acquiring electronic devices, learning new technologies and above all, focusing on commerce and travel. We need this time to lighten up…

May 22nd is an exciting, energy-filled day for Cancer and Taurus when Mars makes a positive contact with Uranus without jolting our nerves. Cancer should take it easy on Thursday or risk suffering from a nasty headache or other injuries, especially related to water or toxins. Watch your sensitive stomach!

Since the Mon will be in Aquarius the entire weekend, spend time with good friends, socialize with purpose or help those less fortunate than yourself.

Week 5: The Memorial Day festivities are well supported by the Moon in lovely Pisces - making soft, calming aspects as well as brightening our spirits. What a fun Monday for all, especially Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn and Sagittarius. Have fun but watch what you say: you may unwittingly cause confusion since a T-square with Neptune is involved. 

The Mutable signs must be vigilant on Wednesday May 29, when Mercury in Gemini squares with Neptune in Pisces. May ends on a lovely note for the Earth and Water signs in terms of love and financial resources. 

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