General Predictions for October 2018

Affirmations of the month for all 4 Elements:

For Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: Be tough, have courage. Nothing is impossible!

For Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn: I move effortlessly through illusions!

For Gemini, Libra and Aquarius: I ask for assistance. I am never alone on my journey!

For Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: I now manifest new reality in a miraculous way!

The first week in October will start in an emotional way for the Cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. The last Quarter Moon on Tuesday October 2nd involves a good deal of tense, deeply disturbing communications; however, a lot of good can come from looking without flinching into the shadows.

The energy softens until Friday, when Venus stations retrograde in Mars-ruled Scorpio. The first part of this cycle is pretty gentle, so I don’t anticipate problems, except if you are overly involved in social media or looking to evolve your love relationship towards a permanent commitment. (The second part is a bit trickier, but that won’t start until November.) Still, a retrograde is a retrograde, so I advise caution when dealing with obsessive or manipulative people. Because of the retrograde cycle, Venus will not leave Scorpio until January 2019! 

Let’s talk more about Venus. Retrogrades are by nature illusion. The planets do not actually move backward and forward - the energetic patterns shift. For example, anyone who pays attention to Mercury Retrogrades can’t deny the odd occurrences taking place in the areas ruled by Mercury. 

Venus is about personal relationships and financial resources on the mundane plane: the two areas of major concern for most folks. 

Taurus (tangible resources and property), Libra (love, beauty and social relationships) and Scorpio (sex and jealousy) are the signs most affected during this period of 40 days. (Of course, everything depends on your own houses’ positions and Natal aspects. This would be a good time to look at your next Venus Return if you’re concerned with the above mentioned areas of your life.)

Some relationships will not be able to move forward without significant restructuring, while others may end, but not without a good cause. Some people may experience a revisit from an ex. If you have some lingering doubts why things went south, by all means go ahead and explore; but if you are done, be sure to avoid contact.

The best thing to do now is to review our value systems: how we spend our money, what we spend our money on? This is a great time to tweak our surroundings, make a few changes to our wardrobe or our hair style, avoiding cosmetic surgery. Do be careful with major luxury purchases, old lovers and friends who do not serve your highest purpose, and I suggest singles take a short break from social dating in terms of new people. Another positive side of the Retrograde has to do with revisiting old creative passions. Venus, after all rules art. (For more clues look to the fall of 2002, the last time Venus Retrograded in Scorpio.)

Ok! Let’s move on.

The weekend of October 5th offers an opportunity to clean up some messes through improving our relationships, by being both fair and diplomatic. If you are a Virgo or a Pisces, please be careful with alcohol.

The second week begins with a New Moon in Libra. This Moon is extremely energetic and confident. Now is the time to set new rules, balance your own needs or focus on improving your appearance. Sign contracts now. 

Communications deepen when Mercury, sometimes overlooked as the planet involved with success, joins Venus in Scorpio. Expect some jangled nerves when the Scorpio Messenger opposes Uranus in early Taurus. Aquarius and Leo may not feel themselves either. Since Mars and Venus will square off, I’d avoid pushing your agenda in a love relationship for the next few days.

Now, the Sun/Pluto square does mean power or ego struggles with authorities for the middle degrees of Libra, Capricorn, Cancer and Aries. Lucky for us being mature and calm will help when Mercury makes a positive aspect to Saturn.

Yet another lovely, fun weekend awaits us when the playful Sagittarius Moon gets along with Mars, Uranus and even the old grouch, Saturn. 

During the week of October 15, you’ll be glad you made strides in the previous two weeks. Mercury related areas are featured prominently. To be fair, Monday and Tuesday are excellent days, especially for Earth signs. However, towards the end of this week, it’ll pay you to be extremely cautious in communications, commerce and travel, since the trickster Neptune is involved. The First Quarter Moon can bring passionate exchanges, but a most fortunate Jupiter sextile brings these exchanges to an upbeat conclusion.

Drive carefully on Thursday and Friday when Mercury will square Mars. These two are not the best of friends when it comes to arguing or small accidents. Once again, by the weekend everything turns out well, especially for Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. Saturday is made for romance; although, I’d be watching for potential new lovers who seem too good to be true. I mean, go right ahead and enjoy the attention, just don’t bring anyone into your life too quickly.

The third week in October is a complicated one. A rebellious Uranus full Moon cycle is accompanied by the Sun moving into Scorpio. Oh boy!

Monday October 22nd is a constructive day and even Tuesday morning can be used in a positive way. It’s the Moon/Pluto square and a Sun/Uranus opposition that concerns me. This planetary energy is intense, passionate, or in the worst case, obsessive. The key words to remember are transformation through crisis, change, clearing old debris and avoiding self-recrimination. I know it’s hard, but we have no choice but to let go. Of course, all that Fixed energy is not helpful, but Uranus is involved, meaning something will shift, whether you like it or not. 

Believe it or not, Saturn will come to our aid, teaching us a new sense of responsibility, detachment and Universal Love. If you feel confused or angry, focus on doing good for others and you’ll feel much better. Remember when I cautioned you about social media? Well Friday October 26th is an interesting day. Watch what you say or do, especially if you are too sure of something involving love or money. You may find out something that makes you dissatisfied with the social status quo.

Sunday is a delightful day for Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and Taurus. If you want to get together with family or friends, spend time outdoors, take a cooking or a painting class, you’ll have a glorious time! In fact, if you love Halloween, you may want to celebrate now.

The last three days this month bring us several opportunities to let go of old wounds and disappointments and move into the future with renewed dedication and confidence. 

A most optimistic conjunction between Mercury and the major benefic, Jupiter means seeing the larger picture, being tolerant of other points of view, learning and growing. Just don’t ignore details.

Mercury leaves secretive, dirt digging Scorpio and moves into an adventurous and philosophy loving Sagittarius. Add to that an opposition between Venus RX and Uranus and this could be an interesting Halloween. The tension with your significant other won’t last too long, when Venus retrogrades back into diplomatic Libra the same day. The Last Quarter Moon in glamorous Leo could also mean you may meet a mysterious, outgoing stranger wearing a mask…

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