General Predictions for February 2018

Affirmation of the month: As the New Lunar Year begins, I am mindful of looking forward, leaving negativity and restriction behind and paying attention to my mind, body and spirit connection.

February is a Red Flag month due to the Solar Eclipse and the change in the Lunar Year Animal sign and Element.

The Lunar Year of the Dog officially begins on February 16th on the heels of a Solar Eclipse. The change in the element should prove significant. The year is also represented by Yang (male) energy. Prepare for changes in many areas of your lives, including international security.

The Dog is the 11th sign and symbolizes protection and intelligence. However, Chinese astrologers see a good deal of vulnerability and continual climate changes, including earth movements, volcanic eruptions and lots of heat. We may see some adjustments in terms of investments, especially currencies. Please don’t shy away from getting proper advice. It is said that the Dog has conflicts with the Dragon, Goat/Sheep and Rooster and gets along with the Horse, Tiger and Rabbit. In any case, if it agrees with your belief system, you may want to look to Feng Shui for help. 

Good Travel Directions: East, Southeast and Northeast

Positive areas overall: Southeast, Northwest, South, Southwest, and Center.

Lucky colors: black, blue, green and dark gray.

Feng Shui afflicted areas in the year of the Yang Earth Dog:

#2 Black sickness Star this year is in the west
#5 Misfortune and sickness Star this year is in the north
#3 Disputes/Quarrel Star in 2018 is in the northeast
Grand Duke in 2018 is in the northwest, 292.5 – 307.5 Degrees. Avoid sitting facing this direction or disturbing this area by having renovations or making lots of noise.
Three Killings in 2018 is in the north. – 322.5 – 37.5
Sui Po in 2018 is in the southeast 112.5 – 127.5 

The First week of February is still very much influenced by the January 31st Lunar Eclipse. Watch what takes place in about three days. The weekend holds much promise for Aquarius, Scorpio and Sagittarius.

If you’ve been waiting to restart your exercise program or clean your eating habits, you get the green light.

The second week features Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn ruled matters. Tuesday the 6th is an exciting day, especially in terms of love relationships and finances. Even the Last Quarter Scorpio Moon is not as intense as usual, blessed by constructive transits for Pluto and feel-good energy from both Jupiter and Venus. Here comes yet another fun filled weekend as Tropical Venus moves into its favorite sign of Pisces.

Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus and Pisces can get lots of projects moving forward on Sunday combining practicality with balanced emotions.
The Eclipse week of the 12th starts well, as the planetary aspects cooperate beautifully. Tuesday is an interesting day, though.

The Sun/Uranus sextile offers excitement and a breath of fresh air for the Air and Fire signs, while the Water and the Earth folks feel jittery and must protect their nerves. An over reaching, promise anything square between Mercury and Jupiter does beg for some caution in terms of communications, commerce and all Mercury-ruled areas. It’s great to feel you can do anything, but don’t bite off more than you can chew!

I’ll return to the Wednesday Solar Eclipse in a minute. First, let’s look at the weekend because both Friday and Saturday come under the influence of one of my least favorite aspects, namely a nasty, delusional square between Mars in fiery Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, followed by a depressing square between the Moon in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn.

The Mutable and the Cardinal Signs will surely be the ones affected. Stay calm, be patient and realistic and remember these aspects won’t last too long. Avoid making decisions, toxins and eat judiciously.

The Partial Solar Eclipse in true Astronomical Aquarius comes with gorgeous aspects and it’s about time we get a break from the Universe. Mercury is featured; meaning the focus will be on communications, education, commerce and transportation-related activities for the next 6 months, if not longer. Since Uranus, Juno and Hygeia also show up, the key words are: making long over-do changes, going for it, new ideas, new technology, focusing on improving your health and new breakthroughs in unconventional medicine. I would also say this configuration can bring on mental health issues.

New insights are yours for the taking. Digging deeper into the meaning of the asteroid Hygeia, we should note Hygeia’s traditional association with hygiene, doctors, healers, disease, illness, toxins, fear of poison, medical results, misdiagnosis, and /or hypochondria. We may also begin to worry about the health of your family or friends. Drug and drug abuse will become even more prominent. Let’s not forget the Mars/Neptune square over the weekend. Although, this is not a direct hit, I’d still be cautions in terms of relationships to avoid lies, scandals, and above all STD infections. If you feel strongly sexually attracted to someone you don’t know well, you may be blinded to their faults! The Venus/Saturn sextile may intensify our need to be in a relationship, but at what cost?

If you have Sun, Moon, Ascendant or personal planets around 25 degrees of Aquarius to around 3 degrees of Pisces, you may need to pay close attention. Taurus, Leo and Scorpio may also be affected if to a lesser degree.

The week of the 19th is full of positive energy, some unavoidable conflict with females, excellent, constructive communications and a possibility of meeting a true “kindred spirit.” Aries, Taurus, Pisces and Capricorn are featured.

The Gemini First Quarter Moon on Friday doesn’t bode well for clear communications, travel and compromise. Take care with your words, especially over e-mail or social media. Better sit this one out as the energy will be pretty low. How about a day at a local spa or just a quiet day off? 

Late Saturday and all day Sunday is a busy day in terms of aspects. The touch, emotional Cancer Moon will oppose hard driving Saturn, and trine Neptune and Mercury as Mercury conjuncts mystical Neptune.

Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio: if you’re down and blue, look to spiritual solutions and positive  communications, even if it’s just journaling or taking a walk in the fresh air. If all that fails, use the Sun sextile to get organized or put in some extra time at work.

Men and women may not get along in the area of sex.

The Last three days of this short month focuses on Leo matters. Stay positive without overextending. Watch your nerves and get some exercise.

An intense Venus, Mercury/Pluto contact followed by an accident-promoting square between Mercury and Mars could mean several things. Pisces and Capricorn are deeply affected by passionate encounters and those life changing talks that go late into the night. If you’ve been meaning to get some therapeutic advice, now is a most helpful time. A cup of tea with a good friend will help too!

Leo wants to play and look after their own desires; while Sagittarius should avoid careless driving or operating machinery, including working with sharp tools, especially because the very next day is a Full Moon. 

To be on the conservative side, the affected degrees lay between the 16th and 22nd of Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo, in terms of physical caution. Just slow down a bit.

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