Many types of readings are available from Larisa, each suited to your specific need or desire, and are based on the date, time and place of birth and current geographic location.


Muhurta or the Choosing of Auspicious Dates: - $65 USD

Ask Larisa a Question - $ 100 USD 
15 min. phone consultation or e-mail answer. Whether you've had several readings with Larisa or none at all, it's sometimes not necessary to have an hour-long reading to get many of your life questions answered. It may only take a quick e-mail. Here are some examples of questions and situations that may be resolved in this manner:
-" I've just met someone new. I'm not sure how to proceed? What
should I do?"
-" When's the best time to take a trip?"
-" I'm concerned about making a financial decision."
-"When's the best time to change jobs or start a new business?"
-"Should I go back to school?"
-"Why am I having difficulties with relationships?”
-"Should I move?"
-"How do I pick a compatible pet?"

Vedic Transits  & Progressions - $ 180 USD 
Includes a one-half hour phone consultation. In this reading, Larisa will discuss with you the upcoming planetary cycles and transits for the next twelve month period.

Yearly Solar Return Chart based on Western Astrological System  - $ 180 USD 
Includes a One hour phone consultation.

Vedic Health Chart - $ 150 USD

Career/Business Chart - $ 150 USD  
Analyzes the business or professional areas of one's life. 

Marriage/Domestic Partners Compatibility Chart - $ 150 USD
An all-inclusive analysis of both partners natal charts according to the ancient vedic system of lunar mansions as well as 36 consideration points.
***This service is not a computer generated report. Accurate and honest results of the analysis can save you years of heartbreak and disappointment. If the union  is judged to be unacceptable, but has already taken place, beneficial corrective remedies are suggested. 

Includes two follow-up questions free of charge
One hour in person or phone.

A deeply comprehensive overview of your life, including Karmic past, current life past, present and future trends that will assist you in making your life work for you. This is not a computer-generated report full of useless general information.  The reading includes complete personality profile with all major planetary periods, thorough analysis of all areas of concern, including mind, body and spiritual development, finances, career choices, marriage prospects, children, parents, travel safety, as well as anything else you wish to explore. Here, you will find insight, perspective and recommendation on how to improve your life. Even if you’ve had your Western Natal Chart read, you’ll find Life Time Vedic moves beyond information in offering honest answers and practical solutions to real life struggles. If your goals include progressing toward fulfillment, inner peace and joy, this reading is for you. 

Vedic Remedial Measures for Westerners (all pujas, yajnias and homas are performed by ordained Hindu priests in California in accordance with purest Vedic Laws and under the strictest personal supervision.)

Prices, upon request and depending on the scope of the recommendations.

Disclaimer: All consultations by Larisa are based on analyses of the Vedic Astrology chart. Advice is given strictly as guidance only. Clients retain the right to use such advice according to their own discretion and for their particular circumstances. All final decisions and actions made by a client are his or her sole responsibility.

Practical Astrology & Beyond

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