Larisa is one of the amazing influences in my life and someone that I recommend with all of my heart. She has been a tremendous guiding light in my family’s life — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Jana H.
Alamo, CA
Larisa has been my astrologer and friend for over 5 years now. She helped me get my life back on track after my divorce and helped me guide my children through a difficult time. Her advice and guidance over the years has been priceless.  I don't know what I'd do with out her in my life.
Larisa, Thank you!

Lisa G., 
Newport Beach, CA

I haven't always been interested in Vedic Astrology, coming from a modern Indian family and working as a software engineer, here in the states. However, last year while visiting my relatives back home, I was talked into getting my chart done. I must admit, it was one of the most disturbing experiences I've had in a while. The man told me to stop driving for en entire year or I would die in an accident. He also told me, he could change my karma by performing an elaborate set of astrological remedies for a "measly" sum of 10,000 US dollars. When I understandably refused he got angry and pretty much kicked me out. When I return to the states and discussed this matter with friends, one fellow recommended that I see his astrologer for a second opinion. Thank you, Larisa for putting my mind at ease. Not, only did I not die in an accident, it turned out that the astrologer got my whole chart wrong, because he wrote down the wrong birth data! 

Bashir V. 
Mission Viejo, CA

Words cannot fully explain how grateful I am to have Larisa in my life. Her insight has provided me direction in many personal and professional decisions. From family crisis to picking the right job, Larisa has always been right on.  Beyond her advice, her energy alone is a healing force. Just to be around her spirit provides me with comfort and peace. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for many years. They say you can't pick your family ... but you can pick your surrogate one. Larisa is not only my astrologer but a part of my family. 

Marina P.
San Francisco, CA

My husband I and have been trying to have a baby for two years to no avail and were about to have a very unpleasant and costly IVF procedure. Larisa warned me that the timing was off and that I should wait. I don't know what made me listen to her, because I was so set on doing it at that particular time. I did wait and guess what? We conceived naturally and it was free! I can't wait to get my baby's chart done, but of course I'll have to wait until "he's" born!

Cara L.
Laguna Beach, CA

Larisa is Unique! Talented! Gifted!... [she] has touched my life and I am grateful.  She is compassionate and direct.  Her advice is valuable and right on!!!!  I was introduced to Larisa during a crisis in my life. Larisa’s guidance and information confirmed my inner voice.  She helped me find clarity when there was chaos.  I have recommended her to many family and friends.  Larisa,Thank you for sharing your knowledge and heart.

Jane E.
Los Angeles, CA

Larisa has been my astrologer for about 8 years now - she is my consultant in my personal life (health, children and relationships), and also for my two businesses.  Astrology is something I have always believed in and I have hired several different ones over the course of my life and no one comes close to her accuracy and detail.  To me there is no price tag for “added peace of mind” and “useful guidance” – she is worth every penny!!

Bree P.
Newport Beach, CA

Larisa, through her sage and timely advice has saved me from numerous career disasters. She has accurately sheparded me through some very turbulent times - from the .com bubble through more recent corporate intrigues. I owe her more than I can ever say in a testimonial.

Barry S.
Manhatten, NY 

Larisa is honest, extremely caring and sensitive to other people’s needs and problems... she has helped me through many emotional traumas and given me excellent spiritual advice.  My association with Larisa began 23 years ago.  Her insight, perception and psychic abilities were fantastic at that time.  That has not changed in 23 years. She has added another dimension to her already excellent skills and natural ability by becoming involved in Vedic as well as Western astrology by expanding her  knowledge in those areas.  Combine that knowledge with her caring and natural psychic abilities and you have a “Star” of the first order.

Mary V.
Osprey, FL

Life is full of decisions both big and small - Is now a good time to buy a house?  Should I buy a new computer?  Should I ask for that promotion?  Is it a good time to have maintenance done on my car?  Life also raises questions:  Am I on the right path to the life that I want?  How can I make my relationships rewarding and fulfilling?  What does the future hold? Fortunately, Larisa can help you find those answers and give you the information to help you with life's decisions.  I use Astrology as a tool to help me have a happier life.  Life presents us with struggles, but Astrology can give you the information to help you work through those tough times or avoid them all together.  I faithfully consult with Larisa each year to review my Solar Return and prepare for the year ahead.  I believe that she has helped me avoid instances that could have been detrimental to my marriage and career and has helped me find peace in a sometimes unpeaceful world.

Lori C
Tustin, CA 

Three years ago, Larisa helped me secure not only my sanity, but hundreds of thousands of dollars during a disastrous second marriage. If I had only known her before I met my second wife, I never would have needed her subsequent life-saving advice!

Jim H
Las Vegas, NV

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